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Best cupcakes?

I know this is a topic that has been beaten to death previously on Chowhound but we're throwing a birthday party and were thinking of ordering a few dozen cupcakes. I know Party Favors makes great ones; I've also heard good things about Sugar, in W Rox. Any other recs for good cupcakes made w quality ingredients, real buttercream frosting, that aren't $5 a piece? Anywhere in Boston or surrounding areas is fine. Thanks....

Party Favors
1356 Beacon St, Brookline, MA

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  1. I've often touted Babycakes in Quincy as my fave of the bunch. I brought in 20 cupcakes for a work party a few weeks ago (after they've had Kickass' cupcakes for various events). Hands down, everyone said Babycakes' were better than Kickass'. That's another dozen plus opinions to bolster mine.

    1. If you are in the western suburbs, try Cake on Mass Ave in Lexington or Bella Moto on Mass Ave in Arlington. They have very nice cupcakes for under $2-2.50 and will make them up fresh if you order them. Also, Petsi's has delicious cupcakes.

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        Cakes for Occasions in Danvers makes incredible cupcakes that are nut free. If you are on the north shore, check them out

      2. The much-touted Lyndell's has recently opened a branch in the North End, in the tiny space on Hanover that had been Lulu's. Barmy and I have been quite pleased with the cupcakes we've tried from there on a couple of recent visits.

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          Ah, I saw that new branch and peeked in at the cupcakes. Maybe worth a try sometime soon. Thanks.

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            Beleieve it or not J Pace has cupcakes ( baked in Saugus I assume) for $1.50 and while not fancy ( yellow or chocolate) they are really good cupcakes. Better than both Lyndells and Lulu's IMO.

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              They are awfully sweet and there seems to be little or no butter in that frosting - definitely a distinct style - not for me, thanks.

          2. Has anyone had the cupcakes at Geoffrey's in Roslindale? They looked fabulous, chocolate cupcake piled high with swirled white frosting, but we were too full to try one.

            Geoffrey's Cafe
            4257 Washington St, Roslindale, MA 02131

            1. I know you're trying to be frugal but crumbs is hands down (and up) the best cupcake EVER produced. I am an accomplished baker and have tried lots of the new trendy cupcake places and Crumbs really beats them with both hands behind their back.

              They have a big range of sizes and a wonderful website so if you're ordering for kids, you can get the minis in a variety pack. Just be warned, they are extremely addicting and you will go back again and again. These are no silly frou-frou cakes with delicate designs. And they freeze really well too! I actually had over half my freezer dedicated to them while I was on maternity leave ...

              The one catch - they aren't around here so adding the S&H makes them a bit pricey. Go to www.crumbs.com and you can order them for overnight delivery which is pricey but worth every penny. They ship beautifully and you won't have to drive anywhere.

              1. I want to start a new thread on this but there are so many on this topic, I can't - I have finally found my favorite cupcake after many attempts - it is the Coconut Cream Cheese at Sportello - not a usual bakery suspect but remarkably and consistently EXCELLENT (see previous post on best croissant). This is what every specialty cupcake should aspire to!

                It was just the right size - dense, fresh, moist white cake topped with a generous but not obscene amount of (properly distributed by spreading, not pumped on like soft serve at other spots...) cream cheese/buttercream frosting and topped with a blizzard of fresh-like shredded coconut (probably sweetened, but not the scary candied kind chopped into oblivion).

                I think it was $2.25. or $2.50 for one. A true bargain, too - they are $20 per dozen for the full size or $8 per dozen for minis (pre-ordered in advance). Other flavors I now need to try include chocolate with toasted marshmallow, carrot cake with cream cheese, and creme fraiche with peanut butter frosting - I'll skip the chocolate with mint frosting, but wish they'd make a dark chocolate caramel sea salt one as well, but not yet....

                To gild this lily, Jennifer at the counter is one of the friendliest, most helpful folks ever (helped me get 3 pre-assembled, freshly-baked gingerbread cottages for $10 each as well!). Sportello is becoming a really regular stop for me throughout the day! And no, I don't know or work for B Lynch.

                348 Congress Street, Boston, MA 02110

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                  Everything baked at Sportello is wonderful, not too sweet, and surprisingly, reasonably priced. (Slightly off-topic, but all their breakfast baked goods like croissants, muffins, and scones are buy one, get one free in the afternoon. And while we're slightly off-topic, my favorite item there, when they have it, is the mini- monkey bread.)

                2. I'm another one who really likes Babycakes,and I'm not at all someone who seeks out sweets. There's something about their cupcakes though, I especially like the lemon filled with the coconut frosting. Staff at work favor the hostess style chocolate versions. Whenever I bring in an assortment they just fly off the counter.

                  1. I had the pleasure Saturday of finding a new little shop on Salem Street in the North End which not only sells retro candy, but some of the best cupcakes I have ever eaten. I was a surprised to find that Dairy Fresh Candies was no longer in that location. The owner/pastry chef told me she had a partner in another location, but had a problem agreeing on quality not quantity. She split and opened her own place.
                    The cupcakes were perfect for my taste, the butter cream was made with real butter and the product was fresh. Cupcakes dry out very fast, even in one day and chocolate are the worst.
                    Hats off to this woman.

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                      Slightly OT but I really miss Dairy Fresh Candies. Any idea what happened to them or if they re-opened in a new locale?

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                        I agree. I had posted about that shop last month. I think the name is Lily's if I remember correctly. I also really like Cakes in Milton Lower Mills(as mentioned above, also in Arlington now).

                        Just looked back...The name is LuLu's. I posted it on the Most Creative and Delicious Cupcake thread.

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                          This spot is Lulu's: they used to be on Hanover Street, in the spot that is now Lyndell's. In the old spot, Lulu's cupcakes were quite terrible. Perhaps they improved by moving over a block, but I'll stick with Lyndell's just to be safe.

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                            They must have improved. They're some of the best I've had in the Boston area. Nice fresh moist cake and a buttercream frosting with a hint of sugar. Lyndell' have way too much sugar in the frosting for my liking. The last time I got a cupcake at Lyndell's in the North End, the cake was pretty stale and the frosting had a stiff crusty texture from sitting there too long.

                        2. I've been to Treat in Needham a couple of times, and while I wanted to hate them, I actually think their cupckaes are really good. In particular I liked the peanut butter-topped chocolate ones.

                          1. ok so there are some great store bought cupcakes out there. how about which are the best chocolate and vanilla cupcake recipes for those bake from scratch homemakers. anyone up for the challenge.

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                              For recipes you should post on the Home Cooking board.

                            2. The absolutely BEST cupcakes are from The Cupcake Cafe, 297 Rantoul St., Beverly, MA.!! There are more than 40 varieties that are all unbelievable!! I brought some to a party last night and everyone went wild. The Bananas Foster is outstanding as are the Turtle. I love the Lemon Mousse and Tiramisu & Strawberry Shortcake, too. You just never know what she's going to have so give Monica a call to find out what she's baked (978-922-9720) because they sell quickly. When they're gone she's closed. She also makes cupcake-cakes for birthday parties. Really clever.


                              BTW....forgot to add......she'll decorate beautifully if you choose. I love the Sunflowers. Gorgeous!