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Nov 6, 2009 12:54 PM

Nondairy "icecream" in Boston Area?

Looking for a place to get non-dairy icecream. I realize I can get soy, coconut or rice milk varieties in the Whole Foods freezers but wondering if any parlors serve it up in the Boston area .


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  1. Check out Wheeler's, which serves up Vegan ice cream offerings, at 334 Mass Ave right by Northeastern University and the Symphony --

    I'd recommend calling ahead to see if they have any given flavors, though. They make everything on-site and frequently run out of certain things.

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      Wow- Wheeler's looks amazing! Thanks very much I can't believe I've lived in the area and not known about it.

      1. re: ced9

        Don't blame yourself. They do an absolutely miserable job of marketing the place. I don't know how they stay in business.

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        Question about Wheeler's -- the Yelp reviews swing wildly from "amazing" to "terrible" and I'm wondering if it depends on the flavor? The Wheeler's website says the ice cream is made from coconut milk, rice milk, or soy milk -- maybe that makes the difference in texture?

      3. Lizzy's in Waltham and Harvard Sq. has both chocolate and coffee tofutti. I'm not sure if it's made on site like the rest of the ice cream, but my husband used to enjoy it when he was mostly vegan. Decent flavor and texture.

        1. I believe Grezzo in the North End will sell pints of their delicious non-dairy frozen desserts.

          69 Prince Street, Boston, MA 02113

          1. I second Wheeler's. They make amazing flavors, like champagne. Check it out!


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              The word on the Post-Punk Kitchen vegan message boards is that Wheeler's has completely unpredictable hours:

            2. Cafe Kiraz ( in Cambridge has pretty good Frozen Tofu Yogurt with lots of delicious mix-ins available, and it you are really lazy, they deliver!

              Cafe Kiraz
              119 Hampshire St, Cambridge, MA 02139

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                Is their default froyo tofu yogurt or is this something special? I've never recalled tofu yogurt on their menu before.