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Nov 6, 2009 12:37 PM

What is Frischkäse and where do I buy it in SF?

Found a recipe that calls for Frischkäse, which I think is some kind of fresh cheese in German. Where would I find whatever it is or its equivalent? TIA.

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  1. Thread on bay area german:

    Pass the wikipedia article through babelfish and you get:

    from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Frischkäse are cheese, which must mature only very little contrary to many other kinds of cheese not or and is ready for the consumption immediately. Frischkäse must exhibit a water content in the grease-free cheese mass of over 73 % according to German cheese regulation. Frischkäse is therefore also only briefly durable and must be stored as cooled as possible. For preparing of Frischkäse, contrary to other cheese, fewer labs, a smaller coagulating temperature and a longer coagulating time are necessary. Sometimes herbs and spices are added to it. It is available in all fat stages. Frequently it is offered as double cream cheese.

    To the fresh cheese places e.g. belong.
    * Quark and/or potting/Brimsen,
    * Layer cheese,
    * Hut cheese (Cottage Cheese),
    * Cream, double cream cheese, three-fold cream cheese,
    * Brousse you Rove,
    * Mascarpone and
    * Ricotta.

    All variants (excluded layer cheese and hut cheese) are not characterised by a smooth and soft consistency, have a crust and to possess a fresh, mild flavour. Since most are very soft, one packs them in plastic cups. The color varies depending upon fat content from milk white to brown.

    Granular Frischkäse is made of skimmed milk, partly also with cream refined and calls themselves among other things also hut cheese, Cottage Cheese or Krümelquark.

    Frischkäse may be made in Germany only from pasteurisierter milk, not of raw milk.

    1. I think might mean cream cheese, cottage cheese, quark, or farmers cheese, depending on the context and region. If you posted the recipe that might help clarify it.

      1. Frischkaese can be many different kind of cheese in Germany starting from Ricotta, Mascarpone, cottage cheese etc. One cheese which is easily available and often used in Germany if a recipe calls for Frischkaese is the Philadelphia Cream Cheese (from Kraft). Without knowing your recipe in detail this might be your best bet.

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          Thanks all. Very helpful. Well, the recipe is more of assembly instructions involving olives, carrots and Frischkäse; sort of crudité than anything else. It sounds like Philly Cream Cheese or Ricotta may do the trick. Thanks again!