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Nov 6, 2009 12:27 PM

Anyone tried the newly opened BGR the Burger Joint in Dupont Circle?

How does it compare to Five Guys, Ray's Hell Burger, etc? I'm trying to decide if BGR is worth the expenditure of precious calories!

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  1. I cannot speak for the Dupont location because I have never been, but I live across from the Bethesda one, and I think it is great. Expensive for a burger place, but good value because of high-quality ingredients, freshly prepared for each order, and good-sized portions. If you go, please report back. By the way, the sweet potato fries are awesome, and my favorite burger is bacon cheese, or beef w/ the works (Special sauce, pickle, onions, tomato, lettuce.)

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      Extremely inconsistent operation, but when they are on they are good. The tuna "burger" is very good too.

    2. I just got back from the Dupont Circle location. I went to the Bethesda one a few months back. I wanted to give this location a shot, since it's way more convenient for me than Bethesda. The last time, I got my go-to burger: a cheeseburger with all the fixin's. My view then was that it was good, but overpriced, and not worth a second special trip there to get one. This time, I went for the Southwestern, cooked medium, with the Southwestern relish on the side, and a double chocolate shake. Again I came away thinking that $15 is WAY too much to spend for a small-ish burger and a shake. I thought the Southwestern was strangely seasoned, and not at all spicy, which I was expecting. It came with pepper jack cheese -- about half an ounce of it, which offended me, given the price of the burger ($9). I wouldn't order it again. The shake was very good -- very thick, lumpy, and chocolatey. Steep at $5.00 - but I think the price of the shake is more justifiable than the price of the burger. The place was nearly empty when I arrived. The person working the counter gave me and the people ahead of me the full lowdown on the menu and let us try any sauces we wanted to before ordering. My order was ready in a reasonable amount of time, about 5 minutes.

      To compare... I am a huge fan of Ray's - this place isn't NEARLY as good. I wish Ray's location was convenient for me; it isn't. I don't think it's fair to compare BGR to 5 Guys, which is a fast-food burger - an excellent fast-food burger, I think, but fast food nonetheless. The ingredient quality of BGR is much higher. Five Guys -- and Ray's -- is good value for the money; BGR, not so much. But, Five Guys and Ray's don't sell shakes, either. In short, for the expenditure of calories, I'd make the trip to Ray's and give BGR a miss -- unless you live next door to it!

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        Would you compare it to Good Stuff Eatery?

        Good Stuff Eatery
        303 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Washington, DC

        1. re: WestIndianArchie

          I think that is a fair comparison. I think Good Stuff makes a good, not great, burger and is overpriced for what it is. I would go back, but only if I had a yen for a burger and was already in the neighborhood. I got the D-Lechable Leche shake and found it sickening sweet - never again. I still want to try the marshmallow one - and the chocolate.

          For my money, Ray's is the only worthy "destination burger" around here, and the only place I would take my out of town, burger-freak friends.

          1. re: woodleyparkhound

            You must have not had the Burger at Central or Palena then, IMO both of those burgers are better then the burgers at Rays. The Burger at Central is hands down the best burger in the DC area!

            3529 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008

            1. re: Jeremy303

              I want very much to try the burger at Central, and will do someday, but the $18 it costs has thus far kept me away. The photo of it on their website has me drooling when I am foolish enough to look at it. I had a Palena burger a couple of years ago. My memory of it isn't crystal clear, which says something in and of itself, but it didn't knock me out - what did knock me out were the fries, especially the lemons. I love the quality of the meat at Ray's, first and foremost, but I also love the list of available toppings and combinations.

              3529 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008

              1. re: Jeremy303

                I found the burger at Central to be pretty mediocre. Palena was better.

                3529 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008

        2. You can get a free burger at any of the BGR locations tomorrow from 11am-12pm. From a press release I received:

          "On Tuesday, November 10, 2009, 11:00 a.m. to noon customers who arrive at any of BGR’s three DC area locations with ‘BGR’ written on any body part will receive a delicious gourmet burger on the house. Customers can select either The Burger or Veggie Burger, and the promotion is limited to one complimentary burger per customer."

          I haven't checked out the Dupont location yet but am looking forward to doing so in the near future (when I'm not on a healthy eating kick). It is a big of a bummer that they are opened next to Sweetgreen though. It took a lot of will power this weekend to get a salad instead of a cheeseburger :)

          3333 M St NW, Washington, DC 20007

          1. I just got back from BGR. It was fine. I had the regular burger, which I think was a little more done than I had asked for, but it was fine. Nothing particularly special--frankly, I think I prefer the burgers at Fuddruckers--but at $6.99, it was okay.

            I also had the onion rings, which I think were way overpriced at $4.49. Yes, they're huge, but they weren't very good. Full disclosure: they're beer-battered, and I don't like beer, but I usually like beer-battered stuff. These were just kind of gross.

            I might go back. If I do, I'll get a different burger--some of their burgers seem pretty interesting and innovative--and will either try one of their two kinds of fries or their asparagus sticks. It'll probably be a while, though--I feel a little gross right now.

            1. Been there a few times since it opened, primarily because its next to my office. I, and most of my coworkers agree, its better than Five Guys, but nowhere near the same league as Hell Burger.

              The good: The fries are excellent, crisp, not greasy, nicely salted - very good. I would go back for these over and over again. The burgers themselves are good - I like the bun and the fixins are tastyand the patty is good quality, though not as juicy as Hell Burger.

              The bad: Expensive. The lunch special is an ok deal but any other time, it is very pricey. I went with my wife last night, two burgers, to sides and drinks set us back $27.

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              1. re: Adam23

                It is absurdly expensive. I am a big fan of the ahi tuna and the sweet potato fries (which is about $20 total with tax). I want to try to lobster roll. The burgers are very good -- I've had better -- but they are very good.

                1. re: masonuc

                  Honestly, I wouldn't bother with the lobster roll. I had it once and it was literally 1 oz of lobster with a piece of lettuce on 3 little slider buns...for $15. Took me 6 bites to finish and then I went to chipotle and had a burrito for $6.