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Nov 6, 2009 12:22 PM

ISO free range turkey in Saratoga/Albany area

It's that time of year once again. We've got a couple of local sources but they are expensive. Can any hounds share a/their findings for per-pound prices this year for fresh free range turkey in the Cap district? b/any of these places sell just a breast as opposed to the whole turkey/ c/bonus question, any availability of heritage breeds as opposed to simply naturally grown?

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  1. Sometimes we get our organic turkey from a food co-op we used to belong to. You might want to try Roma or the Troy and Saratoga farmers markets. This is a link to my recent post looking for organic (not natural) chickens, duck, etc. It might have some possible sources:

    Good luck and please report back.

    1. A update after a bit of research on my own. Price Chopper will have a free range turkey; so will Roma. Hannaford won't; they have a bird that is "natural in every way except free range". Prices on these won't be set till the week before Thanksgiving but butchers predicted a $3-4 per pound range. That's a dollar to several dollars cheaper than buying a free range bird from a farmer which I'd love to do but this ay be a year to economize.

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        Success! Garden of Spices (Ben Shaw) in Greenwich has organic free range turkeys for $3.75 a pound; pickup day is 11/24. Ben Shaw 49 Clarks Mill Road Greenwich, NY 12865. Phone: 518-695-6801.

        It is an interesting trip up there to pick up your turkey. Bring cash and be sure to sample some of their pie and soup while you are waiting.

        P.S. I had one of their turkeys last year and it was great... I recalled it being a lot more costly. This price is not much more than the ~$3/lb I've found at Cardona's, Roma and Hannaford for turkeys which are hormone free but not free range.