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Nov 6, 2009 11:53 AM

Single-Malt Suggestion for a Present?

Looking to send someone a bottle that's not too obvious, but not too obscure. Maybe in the $40-60 price range. Don't think he's a connoisseur, but would like to get something that he'd like, even if he is (and wouldn't be too off-putting, if he isn't).

Dalmore? Macallan? Laphroaig? Oban?

Any suggestions?

Please let me know -- thanks!


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  1. If I were getting a gift of Single-malt, I would love a Balvenie Double-Wood. I can find it in that price range.

    I would recommend against "Islay" scotches as gifts. Most scotch drinkers like Highland, among others. Some are not as fond of Islay products.

    Just my my experience. Your mileage may vary.

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    1. re: Monch

      I second the Balvenie. I bought a bottle on someone's recommendation and now I'm ruined for any other scotch.

      1. re: JohnE O

        The double wood is quite nice. I was able to pick up a few bottles a few years ago at $30. I can still find Highland 12 @ $29. For awhile I was buy it at $25.

        Macallan 12 is a fine scotch that is well accepted by most. In your price point without breaking the bank

      2. re: Monch

        Count me in as another vote for Balvenie Double-Wood.
        I can't think of anyone, a scotch novice, or knowledgeable enthusiast, that would be disappointed with a bottle of that.

        That being said, my personal favorite is Cragganmore.

      3. I think the Balvenie Double Wood is a fine one, too. Macallan is also a classic. If you're thinking lighter, the first bottle of single malt that I bought was Dalwhinnie, and it's a fine "training wheels" Scotch.

        Another that I've been really excited about lately is Bunnahabhain. The standard bottling (forget the age statement w/o going and looking) is very rich and complex without being overly island-y. And it's reasonably priced and hasn't gone through the inflation that a lot of my other favorite brands have seen lately.

          1. I concur on Islay malts..I like Bruichladdich, which is Islay's only independent distillery and has some great malts with great stories to accompany them. I believe several of their expressions are in the $60 range. A great, unbiased site for tasting videos and information is Cheers and good luck!