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Nov 6, 2009 11:49 AM

MSP-Celebration location needed

Trying to plan a nice celebration of a "job well done" by a group of people. Expect 75-100 and want a venue somewhat near Macalester on Grand in St Paul. On a Friday but early, like 4:30-7:00pm. Good snacks, alcohol, or at least beer and wine. Restaurant, event space, whatever... Budget around $2500.00. Any suggestions?

TIA- HappySnacker

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  1. You can rent one of the Mac houses on Summit and get the evening catered. I don't have the details -but I think the house is w/in a few blocks of snelling and grand. Shish would be a fun, local and affordable option. Maybe some additional snacks from the St Paul Cheese shop right on Grand?

    The Lexington has a party room which would work.