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Nov 6, 2009 11:06 AM

Italian Heroes in Bergen County

I am heading to a friend's house on Saturday to watch the Knicks game with a bunch of old friends and I am in charge of bringing Italian Heroes. I am coming from Manhattan, so there are lots of places I could bring them from, but I prefer to just get them fresh in NJ. I will be in Alpine, but I have to go to Mahwah first, so anywhere in between is fine. Any suggestsion? I remember from growing up in the area that Lotitos, Italian Riviera and Lastrada could all be good choices, but it's been a while. Suggestions would be much appreciated. This would be a bunch of 1 footers.


Italian Riviera
8 E Prospect St, Waldwick, NJ 07463

230 Godwin Ave, Midland Park, NJ 07432

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  1. I'd like to help, but a there are questions that must be answered first. The Knick Game is in the evening, so what time were you planning on coming into New Jersey....and which Hudson River Crossing are you planning to come over on. Also, to get to Mahwah, are you taking Routes 4 & 17.....and returning to Alpine, will you be taking Routes 17, 4 & 9W, or will you be coming via the north and I-287 , The PIP and 9W? The time of day is important because many Italian Delis will close before 3:00 PM.

    Last, are you looking for soft Italian Bread, or crusty hard Italian Bread. Some places only carry one or the other.

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      Sorry, forgot to be precise. I will be heading to Mahwah first to visit family then heading to Alpine at around 2:00(so i will get sandwiches on the way to Alpine). I was planning on doing 17 to 4 to 9w to get to Alpine. Would prefer to go someplace closer to 17 than 9W because I know the area around 17 so well. The game starts late, but we are catching up, playing poker, eating our sandwiches and then watching the game.


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        One last thing to consider, please. Since there is going to be a number of hours before you purchase and enjoy these sandwiches, are you willing to make them yourselves? There are some great places that make their own breads, peppers and could probably purchase sliced tomatoes and lettuce if needed too. I ask this only because I would not like a sandwich that has been soaked with oil and vinegar 5-6 hours earlier.

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          don't want to make them- we are going to eat them an hour into when i get there, so that isn't a worry

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            I've heard good things about the Italian Riviera, but I have never been, and I am not familiar with their hours.Two places that may be convenient with hours and sandwiches are:

            Maywood Market Place
            78 W Pleasant Ave, Maywood, NJ
            (201) 843-8361‎

            Dantes Imports Inc
            570 Kinderkamack Rd, River Edge, NJ
            (201) 262-3232‎

            Two better Italian Specialty Stores are:

            Bartolomeo Italian Delicatessen
            105 N Dean St, Englewood, NJ
            (201) 567-7002‎


            484 Bergen Blvd
            Ridgefield, NJ 07657
            (201) 313-0200


            Jerry's Gourmet is also located in Englewood. Although I like the place myself, it's been getting hammered on here of late, and it's been a while since I have actually been back there, so I will let others comment on it as a recommendation or not.

            Another place I like is Valente in Fairview, but it's a detour from the GWB and back to Alpine.


            I think you will find what you are looking for at any of the places mentioned above, but personally I would go to Piccolo Gastronomia, Valente or Bartolomeo' no particular order....Bartolomeo's is the most convenient for you to go to overall. The Maywood Market has a very well regarded deli and prepared foods department and Dante's is where my son purchases his 6-Foot Heroes for his Sunday Football Crew.

            All these places mentioned are easily accessible from the Route 4 and 17 corridors and are also on main or county roads....easy off and back on to your destination.

            Jerry's Gourmet
            410 S Dean St, Englewood, NJ 07631

            Italian Riviera
            8 E Prospect St, Waldwick, NJ 07463

            Bartolomeo Italian Delicatessen
            105 N Dean St, Englewood, NJ 07631

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            subs soaked in oil and vinegar eaten on the beach hours after buying them from Mike's Subs like nothing else in the world.

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              Is that a Southern New Jersey Specialty?

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                NJ has beaches well north of southern jersey. i'm sorry to hear you've never had the pleasure. the bit of sand that inevitably gets in your sandwich,and the overly warm iced tea make it near perfect.

      2. go through the lincoln, stop at Vito's in hoboken, and call it a day.

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          This was going to be my exact suggestion! Great minds...

        2. Italian Riviera makes great, large, reasonably priced Italian heroes and it's not far from Mahwah. La Strada's are good too, but the Riviera's bread is way better.

          1. Marra's in Emerson is a terrific Italian-owned deli, great hero bread, and the sandwich helpings are LARGE. Nice homemade salads if you are interested. They are between 17 and Alpine on Kinderkamack Road, if you are taking Oradell Ave across, it's just 1/3 mile North on KKM Rd. Here's their website:


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              i have actually eaten at Marra's and wasn't wowed. Looking for something fantastic.

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                and the sandwich helpings are LARGE.
                What's a FIXINS BAR?

              2. Grew up in Demarest...go to Ray's in Closter. First off it's seconds from Alpine. Second, they make excellent heroes with a well seasoned sauce and meats as well as generous portions. Third, they are pizza place prices. Finally, they deliver.

                Thank me later or buy me a chicken parm.