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Nov 6, 2009 10:31 AM

Foodies' Berlin 25.12-01.01

We have been to Berlin several times and would be very comfortable traveling around on the u-Bahn for some interesting/fun foodie experiences. We are not looking for haute cuisine and do not want to try Mexican , Thai, or Indian. We'll be having enormous buffet breakfasts, so we won't be doing lunches, which of course are a great deal financially.

By "interesting" I don't mean eating in the dark or hanging from a ceiling basket. I AM looking for out of the way, smaller, slow food, or unusual places with regional cooking. My parents were from Vienna and Berlin, and I am partial to German, Austrian, Italian, and Alpine food, with a fondness for really good bread and pastries. We both like a well-prepared flammkuchen. We have tried Cafe Aroma (great local atmosphere) and Nola's am Weinberg. After a few days in Berlin, I usually crave a crunchy salad. Recommendations could range from a good pizza to schnitzel or goulasch. Nothing too nouvelle, with a lot of drizzle or architecture involved.

Is goose available anywhere after November is over?

Any ideas for Christmas evening itself? I tried a jolly-sounding/semi-kitsch place with serious food listed online in a Winterzauber promotion, but they are closed for the week of Christmas and New Year.

I have read reviews on tip as well as a few blogs, but am now overwhelmed by recommendations for spare ribs, pad thai etc.

What is the word on Ming Dynastie, across from the Chinese Embassy?

We enjoy indoor and outdoor markets and would be happy to buy bits and pieces from markets and shops and have a few "picnics" in our hotel, which by the way is in Mitte. We have "done" the KaDeWe thing and are ready to move on.

Finally, any good ideas in Spandau? I think we'll venture to the Altstadt and castle there, for something new.

I SO appreciate any help from those in the know!!! Vielen Dank!!!

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  1. Renger-Patzsch in Schöneberg for regional German and Flammekuchen. The chef makes a mean appetizer salad, too!

    Other good German cuisine that isn't crazy expensive (not what you're looking for, right?) Paris-Moskau, Traube, Weinbar Rutz, Horvath, Engelbecken.

    Henne for the best fried chicken in town. Good Bavarian beer.

    Ming gets good reviews; my personal Chinese faves are Tian Fu (Sichuan place in Wilmersdorf) and Wok Show, a dumpling place in Prenzlauerberg.

    Noodles & Figli is good Italian, as is Trattoria Paparazzi. Great pizza, tho not a sit-down place, can be had at various Dolce locations.

    The best outdoor market, hands down, is Winterfeldtmarkt in Schöneberg. If you like more Middle Eastern stuff, the Turkish market on Maybachufer (Tue & Fri) is the place to go. In Mitte, there's the Hackescher Markt market on Thursdays. It's small, but decent.

    There's a Bohemian resto in Spandau, but I can't remember the name right now. Cheap, filling, rustic food. There's also a decent brewery.

    I know you've been tired out on blogs, but check mine out :-D. A lot of reviews are in German, but plenty are in English.

    Also, don't hesitate to ask follow-up questions.

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    1. re: linguafood

      Thanks. I am following up on most of your ideas. Can you enlighten me about the smoking situation these days? The reports I read are very contradictory.

      If you DO happen to come up with a Spandau idea, please let me know.

      Vielen Dank.

      1. re: jtrct

        AFAIK, smoking is prohibited in restaurants, and bars that make at least 50% (please don't take my word for that number) of their profit from food.

        Many pubs still allowed smoking when I was in Berlin in the summer. Not sure what the rule is now.

        As for Spandau.... can't come up with anything beyond the Bohemian resto and the brewery. Sorry about that. Spandau is not on my personal map for Berlin '-)

    2. Regarding Spandau, one place that I can think of it is the Florida ice cream shop, near the Spandau train station.

      Aside from that, there are no restaurants compared to the ones Linguafood has mentioned, but Satt und Selig in the Altstadt are true to their name (full and happy)

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      1. re: polyg

        I seriously doubt the ice cream shop will be open mid winter.