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Nov 6, 2009 10:28 AM

Smoked whitefish - Seattle

Can anyone share a good resource for whole smoked whitefish in the metro area of Seattle?

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  1. I'd check out I Love NY Deli on Roosevelt in the U District

    1. I know I Love NY Deli's new spot on Roosevelt had some white fish in their deli case.
      Don't recall if it was whole.

      Incidentally, I'm really liking them in that new spot.
      It's the same guy as from the little stall at the Market that people like.
      I was a little down on them because at the market, I thought my pastrami was sliced so thin that it was a hiding a lack of moistness and good texture (ie, anything sliced that thin is going to be pretty good...), but I got a reuben from them last week and it was really, really good.

      Their potato salad is still weird (oddly sweet and undercooked potatoes), but their cole slaw is good.