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Nov 6, 2009 10:10 AM

Fresh, Live Lobsters in Seattle or Eastside?

In lieu of turkey this year, my wife and I are hoping to splurge and cook some lobsters. We know we are going to have to pay through the nose for them (I am originally from Boston where they are currently 3.99/lb!!!), but I have not been able to find a good place to get them? I only recall seeing frozen tails at Pike's.

Anyone have any suggestions preferably on the Eastside?

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  1. We did that last year--I'll take a lobster dinner over a turkey dinner any day. Have you checked the Eastside Uwajimaya? Here in Seattle, you can reliably find tanks of them at Asian groceries (not just Uwajimaya but HT, Ranch 99...) or fish stores (Mutual Fish, University Seafood). Oh and Central Market in Shoreline. I've found that it's worth calling around for prices and sizes is worth it--there seems to be a fair amount of variation with price, and sometimes stores are out or out of the smaller sizes.

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      There is a new fishmonger in Issaquah called Gemini Fish that I believe now carries fresh lobsters - or can at least order them.

      Gemini: (425) 961-0741

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        I'll 2nd Uwajimaya. IIRC they almost always have them in stock. Not sure how "fresh" the lobsters are, but they are alive...and they are expensive, which is annoying after reading so many articles about how cheap lobster has become. Uwajimaya tends to have good prices on seafood, and also has the advantage of having plenty of parking either in Seattle or on The Eastside.

      2. We are also transplanted New Englanders and have a tradition of lobster at the holidays. We order ours through A&J Meats and Seafood on top of Queen Anne. It does not take a ton of notice for the order, and they get them in for the date you request, so they are superfresh. We felt the price was reasonable for the PNW, and much better service than the companies where you can arrange for lobster to be shipped (which we have used when we lived places without good fishmongers). One year, our lobsters apparently looked so tempting that they ended up putting a big sign on the tank that they were already sold because they were tired of having to tell other customers they weren't available!