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Nov 6, 2009 10:08 AM

Seafood in RI

I am looking for the best seafood market in RI. I 'm Italian and need octopus, squid w/ ink sac, eel, and prawns for Christmas. Any ideas?

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  1. Haven't lived there in a very long time, still have family, but that has nothing to do with it,

    I would think Providence, Bristol, Newport and Galilee should have what you would be looking for.

    Good Luck.

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    1. re: hummingbird

      You should probably start calling around as eel and octopus is not something you see allot in the seafood markets. I go weekly to different places like Tony's on route 6 in Seekonk and Nick's in Bristol. Another place I like but is a drive, is Kyler's right off the exit on 195.

      1. re: chefjohn

        Seabra in Cranston usually has octopus, but it's frozen.

        1. re: dagwood

          The Bristol Seabra also has it frozen.

    2. You didn't mention if you're East Bay or West Bay. If you're West Bay, contact Smiling Sole in Coventry. They know what you need and with a phone call they'll be sure to put aside an order.

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      1. re: RI Swampyankee

        Thanks, I'm in Johnston, but willing to travel wherever.

        1. re: JonnyC

          Ocean Pride, Atwood Ave, Cranston. They have the best!

          1. re: maryinri

            In Newport, call Anthony's and Long Wharf. Also have you checked Whole Foods?

            1. re: maryinri

              The chances of Fresh Octopus is very slim all of it is thawed and from Asian. Squid fresh if its right the holidays you can get it. In my opinion the Wharf Seafood in Galilee he is a commercial fisherman and the only place to buy totally fresh fish in R.I. right off the boats. Unless you want to go to a whole sale place in New Bedford called Foley Seafood the best in N.E.

              1. re: Frank Terranova

                Do you know where I can get squid ink?

                1. re: JonnyC

                  The school buy's it for me by the pint, I think it comess from one of the Asian Mkts. Not sure which one We are out of school and I cant even ask purchasing where they get it but the one they usually is in East Prov. I suggest you call them it is usually frozen. I am sorry I couldnt heve seen this 2 days ago. Merry Xmas

                  1. re: JonnyC

                    Frequently Italian specialty markets have little packets of squid ink - maybe Venda Ravioli or one of the other places on Federal hill, but call ahead - if not, buy it here... great store...

                    1. re: harryharry

                      Thanks, Venda didn't have it, and I am trying to get it by Christmas Eve. I thought it would be easier to find, does anyone else have other ideas? Appreciate it.

                      1. re: JonnyC


                        We use Foley Seafood in New Bedford one of the biggest and best in NE here is their number 508-997-0773 Call and ask for someone in sales and explain what you need they might be able to direct you there. Is this for Squid Ink Pasta Call the Wharf Seafood in Galilee R.I. 783- 3152 He is a huge commercial fisherman but sells to retail if push comes to shove ask if they have fresh caught squid and exrtact the ink sac. I hope it works for you

          2. Newport, Providence, Gaileee

            1. I would try many of the fresh seafood stores in the Narragansett (galilee) area.

              A few to try::

              Champlin's Seafood
              256 Great Island Road
              P.O. Box: 426
              Narragansett, RI 02882

              Handrigan Seafood: Pt. Judith

              280 Great Island Rd./
              P.O. Box 786
              Narragansett, RI


              Gardner's Wharf Seafood Wickford, RI 401-295-4600