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Indian at the Crossroads Market (YYC)

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Slingshotz post about Latin American at the Crossroads reminded me that I've been wanting to post about another new offering at the crossroads market.

The Indian Corner Cafe moved into the the corner end stall which used to house the mini-donut stand. While I'll probably miss the option to have year-round mini-donuts, I'm glad they've moved in. They offer up some of the best, if not the best, indian food i've had in the city. On our first outing, my partner and I shared a vegetarian platter, which consisted of 3 dishes and a large serving of rice as well as a nice, crsip fresh papadum; all for about $6. I remember all three dishes being very good, with a very distinct spice note, and lacking the heavy greasy feel of most indian restuarants. But I only specifically recall the paneer and peppers dish, which was excellent. Next time there, I got a bit confused and, thinking it was what i had last time, I ordered the three course meal (~$14) and a chai latte, while my partner had the small platter again. It ended up being way too much food, because the 3 course meal is actually about 5 items: 3 meat courses, daal, raita, rice and a papadum. Their butter chicken is divine with a deep, spicy flavour. The daal was fantastic as well. The chai latte was rich and velvety.

Fans of Dosas should make themselves know to the owners as well. We mentioned that we haven't had a good dosa masala since the revamping of anpurna, and were told that they'd be willing to make up a batch for sunday mornings if we called ahead.

here's what john gilchrest had to say

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  1. marcopolo > have you been to southern spice for dosa yet??? mmm it is wonderfule and not to far from anapurna.. AND they have DOSA TUESDAY's! which is a great deal!

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      Yes, i have been to southern spice. they definitely have good dosas, but are a little out of the way for my taste.