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Nov 6, 2009 09:41 AM

William's Coffee Pub - closed

I heard that the location on North Queen, close to Sherway Gardens is closed. Sorry to see it go.

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  1. I didn't care for the service at that location. And the place was a bit of a dive... if you looked closely. A few of the seats were torn and the tables had stains and grafitti.

    1. It definitely was a dive. There were flies all over the window sills when I was there last spring.

      The sign now says Williams Fresh Cafe - I suppose they renovated.

      1. This was a horrible was always terrible service, dirty and tables were never cleared.

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        1. re: burlgurl

          Drove by it yesterday and it's been renamed to William's Fresh Cafe and reopened.

          1. re: Boodah

            Yes, that location is still opened. We started re-branding from Williams Coffee Pub to Williams Fresh Cafe about a year ago accross the board. No locations have closed but we are opening new locations! Will pass the feedback on about the cleanliness, but we've been having some great feedback from our Sherway Gardens location as of late! Thanks!

            1. re: WilliamsFreshCafe

              is this place still open? whats going on with this?