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Nov 6, 2009 09:26 AM

Restaurant suggestions for untraditional wedding reception


I know the questions been asked a hundred times on this board and I've read most of the replies but am still looking for some suggestions. We're looking for a restaurant to have a wedding reception for 80 people. Maybe we shouldn't even call it a wedding reception but more a private dinner party. We don't want dancing or a DJ nor anyone on a microphone making introductions as we enter. We're looking to do a nice cocktail hour and a quality dinner; maybe a few speeches here and there but fairly cut and dry. We're looking for something in the Downtown or Hollywood areas of Los Angeles. I'd be open to the westside but am more of a downtown dweller.

We've been to Cicada, have an appointment at Campanile and Gordon Ramsey's at the London. Didn't like Cafe Pinot and weren't too thrilled with Michaels. City Club was OK but nothing that blew us away. Our budget is around 15-20K. We'd prefer a place where we can have the whole restaurant and not just a private room. Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Cafe Pinot
700 West Fifth St., Los Angeles, CA 90071

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  1. 3 Questions:
    1) Is this for a Saturday ? Or ______

    2) Type of Cuisine(s), and/or Cuisine(s) to be avoided ?

    3) Assuming your referring to Michael's in Santa Monica - What didn't thrill you about it ?

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      Good questions. Sorry.

      We'd prefer this to be on Saturday but could live with Friday or Sunday if the price was right.

      Wed prefer western cuisine, steak, chicken, fish (is that western?) but are open to just about anything other than Indian and Asian.

      Yes, Michael's in SM. The restaurant is beautiful, but just felt it didn't fit our style. The decor wasn't really for us and it really felt like a nice place for a 30th anniversary party for my parents but not a wedding for us. I just had a hard time picturing myself getting married there. I think our style is much more contemporary. Again, beautiful place just not for us.


    2. I've seen lovely pictures of wedding at the little door... if you do it in the afternoon, it is quite a bit cheaper...


      1. Have you considered Union Station? I recently attended a wedding/reception there and felt that it was a really unique place to have a wedding. The ceremony and cocktail hour was in the courtyard and the reception was in the "restaurant" section of Union Station. I don't think that it is an actual running restaurant anymore, but you can hire a caterer of your choice. Our friends chose a local Mexican restaurant and had it as a buffet. Overall, it was a great, memorable wedding. Very different from your typical hotel ballroom type of reception.

        1. Not Downtown, but Wilshire in Santa Monica will rent out the whole restaurant for weddings.
          They have a beautiful back courtyard area as well as a few different indoor rooms so you would have some options.

          Also, I went to a friend's wedding over the summer at Cliff's Edge in Silver Lake. It was fun, but to be honest the food was not great.