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Feb 10, 2005 01:22 AM

good family style mexican in highland park

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we are looking for good quality, authentic sit-down mexican in highland park/eagle rock area.

not villa sombrero or el arco iris.

please advise, chowhounds.

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  1. Chico's - 100 North Ave 50 (off Figueroa). The biria and chili verde plates tonight were great.


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    1. re: Briggs

      I second. They are really good. So good, they catered our wedding!

    2. During the day, La Abeja on Figueroa can't be beat. Great carne adobado. El Huarache Azteca on York has a pretty limited menu, but everything is tasty, especially the namesake huarache.

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      1. There aren't that many fantastic sit-down places. But there are superb places with tables that people with kids seem to always be at like Antojitos Guerrero (bigger tables on their patio) or El Metate (probably too small) or the aforementione Huarache Azteca.

        The place that most fits your bill isn't Mexiacan but Salvadorian: La Arca de Noe on Figueroa next to the Highland Theater. it's my favorite Salvadorian place in LA.