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Nov 6, 2009 08:45 AM

ideas for non-chocolate, non-wine, non-floral hostess gifts?

Trying to think of something new. Have brought quality spices and nice soaps in the past, but I'm not always sure they've been appreciated. But then again, that's the nature of gift giving, sometimes;)

I'm thinking about bring dried fruit & nuts to the next dinner party, but need some new ideas.

What do you like to bring?

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  1. guest towels, coasters, candy dish

    1. I recently gave someone a box of Bequet caramels. They were a HUGE hit!

      1. I have a friend that if she is bringing something to the dinner, she will buy a new serving dish and give that as the hostess gift. I've always enjoyed receiving them.

        1. Picture frames. I've given and received them and they're always appreciated. My sis is very talented and sews. She often gives hand made kitchen towels or napkins and those are a big hit. Sometimes she'll tie the towel around a set of wood spoons or a whisk and give that.

          1. We usually give a small bottle of a nice olive oil. Useful, but doesn't require immediate attention.

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              along the same lines - small bottle of really good aged balsamic vinegar. It's the kind of thing that people won't necessarily buy for themselves but they really enjoy receiving.

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                I love that idea. Come to my next dinner party!