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Nov 6, 2009 08:18 AM

Olivers of Oakville--comments?

Has anyone been to this restaurant? What's it like?

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  1. I went once during their equivalent of "winterlicious". I found the restaurant to be too "formal" for my liking. I am younger and I found that they waiters gave me a bit of an attitude and I didn't feel welcomed (as opposed to Canoe or some place like that). The typical crowd there is probably older (i.e. old wealthy Oakville people). At the time I recall having duck two ways and didn't find it anything special (food quality or presentation). However, I know people that have gone there and really enjoyed it. I think they are known for serving game meat so if you are into that it is worth while checking out.

    1. Hi

      Olivers is actually one of my go to restaurants for a special occasion. True the average patron is "older" but I am late 30s and have no concerns with service and really enjoy their food. I have always had an excellent meal.

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        Think "old school continental" cuisine with a pretty good wine list. Nothing particularly inventive, but decent food in my experience. yes they do have a good game meat selection.

        ya the average age is pushing 50's-60's, nothing wrong with that. waiters with a poor attitude will deserve the tip they get.

        1. re: doctorandchef

          Apart from the clientele, the place always seemed a bit embalmed--stuffy, heavy-ish "old school" that actually offered little of the comfort that approach can give. I went twice in the past year with small-ish groups who seemed on both week nights to tax the staff and kitchen. Fouled up drink orders and some iffy plating and presentation were some of the problems. Snarky wait staff didin't help, either. It's just Oakville. I didn't get the hauteur of the place relative to its shortcomings. Thankfully I didn't play host but the tab was steep for what the kitchen delivered. Maybe weekends are happier?

          1. re: Kagemusha

            Tried it out this week-end. Your comments seem pretty accurate to me. I found it stuffy, overpriced, and the food was not great. I was at Splendido very recently and had signficantly less expensive food that was significantly better prepared. Also, in terms of game, there was a bison steak and a duck dish but those were the only two game entrees. Thanks for the comments.

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