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Nov 6, 2009 08:11 AM

First Nantucket Bay Scallops of the Season

Bought some this AM from Mercato de Mare on Salem St..delicious raw with a squeeze of lemon and a little soy for lunch; app of raw cherrystones at Haymarket made for a nice meal

J Hook is also carrying them.

I imagine they'll start showing up on menus shortly.

If you cook yourself, please don't overcook...raw or just a little heat

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  1. Based on your visit, do you think Mercato de Mare will have any left this evening forpick up on the way home?

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    1. re: Northender

      I am so excited about this. Cherry St fish market in Danvers has them starting this weekend and I am making Olive's recipe Scallops with an orange and chestnut sauce

      1. re: Northender

        I could make a guess but I really have no idea, You could call them and ask them to hod on to them for you. I'm sure if they still have them, they'd be happy to put some aside for you...857 362-7477, Good luck!

        If they don't have them, J Hook told me they were getting them in later in the day...617 423-5501

        1. How similar are cape cod bay scallops and nantucket bay scallops? I think of the nantucket ones as tiny (circumference of a dime?) and supersweet. New Deal had slightly bigger (circumference of a penny) "cape cod bay scallops" for $25/lb. Made some awesome scallop ceviche (recipe on Helen Rennie's blog:

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          1. re: heypielady

            I think we had this discussion last year about this time. If you ask a Nantucket scalloper, he'd probably say there's a huge difference..:) and in fact Nantucket is trying to "brand" their local scallops.

            I don't think the general public makes a huge distinction and last year a fish market was selling "Nantucket" scallops when in fact the season hadn't begun. After a little conversation, it turned out they were actually from Wellfleet..still delicious. Martha's Vineyard also has a cape/bay scallop season and the scallops from all 3 places are excellent.

            I'm looking at a dime sitting on top of a penny, and the difference in diameter looks like less than a millimeter...and that's probably the difference in flavor between actual Nantucket and scallops from nearby waters.

            What you want to avoid are the dime/penny sized scallops from China...not particularly good. You don't want to pay Nantucket/Cape/Bay scallop prices for those things..or any price.

            $25-28/lb has been the general price for the last few years..and all are super sweet.

            1. re: 9lives

              Ha! 9lives, I guess your right that a penny and a dime are not all that different in circumference. I didn't actually have any change in front of me. But something held me back from saying "nickel." It was probably my subconscious knowing that I got the good stuff. Those scallops were delicious. I popped a few raw ones in my mouth while preparing the ceviche per the advice in your OP.

              1. re: 9lives

                After new years you will be paying in the high teens tops. There's a glut this year and the economy is terrible. I had my first last night as well and they were small.

                There's already prices being thrown out there for less than $10 to the distributors.

            2. Garden at the Cellar currently (well, as of last Friday) has an outstanding ACK scallop appetizer. I believe raw, or perhaps sliiiiiiiiiightly cooked. Great tangy sauce.

              I don't usually care about such crap, but they were so beautifully plated, I wish I had my camera.

              Garden At the Cellar
              991 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138

              1. Neptune Oyster had a Nantucket bay scallop ceviche special when I visited yesterday (Sunday the 8th). At $14 it was quite a bit cheaper than most of the rest of the menu, but unfortunately I didn't notice it written on the glass until after I ordered.

                I did enjoy a wonderful plate of raw oysters and fried clams, however. As usual, Neptune was excellent. If anyone visits and enjoys the scallop ceviche, I'd love to hear their thoughts.

                Neptune Oyster
                63 Salem St Ste 1, Boston, MA 02113

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                1. re: rlove

                  Hmmm.... our local has scallops on sale for $7.97 a pound! And they're BIG ones and VERY tasty! I cannot fathom paying $28.00 a pound!

                  1. re: spazita

                    I presume you meant to reply to 9lives and not me, but I'll add my view that it is hard to compare regular sea scallops to Nantucket bay scallops. I love sea scallops, because I love putting a good sear and crust on my scallop, but Nantucket bay scallops are a unique enjoyment--sweet, tender, super small, and perfect raw. While perhaps unsuitable as an everyday-replacement to your usual scallops, Nantucket's are a wonderful treat.

                    FWIW, I pay about $19/lb for dry packed sea scallops at Savenors. A quality product (that is, dry packed, not soaked in a phosphate solution) isn't cheap.

                    1. re: rlove

                      I occassionally buy the sea scallops from Savenor's at the same price. Have you checked out Mercato de Mare on Salem St?

                      Sea scallops are priced the same and I think even better than Sav's.

                      1. re: 9lives

                        Hi, 9lives. No, I haven't bought from Mercato de Mare, but I like their quality in general. Savenor's is between work and home, so I can drop in easily, but I'll make a point to try the scallops at Mercato de Mare.

                        Thanks for the tip!