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Nov 6, 2009 07:56 AM

Angostura Bitters - Where are they?

I heard there is a shortage of Angostura Bitters and would like to know if anyone knows where I can find them now.

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  1. Shaws, Sav-Mor Liquors, Boston Shaker, not sure if the shortage hit locally. I have seen them pretty much everywhere

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    1. re: ac106

      They're almost impossible to find in Manhattan. Are you in Boston?

      1. re: mbach

        Yeah, those are boston locations

        1. re: mbach

          where did you try looking? they are food products only in grocery stores in ny for whatever crazy misguided law governs that

          1. re: dhs

            I have tried Gristedes, D'Agastinos, and Food Emporium. The plant in Trinidad was shut down for a while and stopped production due to financial problems I read.

            1. re: mbach

              Arrrgh! I am a victim of the NYC scarcity, too. Today I tried the overpriced Amish Market, where they told me something about the company holding them back due to packaging, or only selling in pallets, or ...???

              Just found this:

              1. re: Up With Olives

                I ended up ordering them from Amazon, which really was Kegworks. They came pretty quickly, but still had to wait about 3 to 4 days. That was about two weeks ago, not sure if they still have them.

                1. re: mbach

                  Thanks! I've also noticed they are on Kalustyan's website so they may have them in-store.

                  1. re: Up With Olives

                    Update: There were two large bottles at Kalustyan's on Tuesday. They also had Angostura orange bitters and Gary Regan's and a whole selection of Fee's. I'd planned to try some Bitter Truth but YIKES they are something like $25 for a wee bottle. Possibly overpriced since the Rose's LIme I bought there was almost twice the price of what I later found in my neighborhood. Yeesh.

                    1. re: Up With Olives

                      Hmm, perhaps you should drive to Boston, fill up your trunk with bitters, drive them back, and sell them (on the black market, at a huge premium) to desperate cocktail geeks... Plenty available here at every grocery and liquor store near my house.

                      1. re: Up With Olives

                        The Bitter Truth will soon be coming down in price. They now have a US distributor.

        2. I'm outside of Philly and can't find them in the 'burbs or the city, except in far flung locations. ARGH.

            1. For a great alternative, check out I am a customer, not affiliated with the company, but I did meet the owner once in a bar.

              1. I heard the shortage was over. maybe supplies are just now coming thorugh the supply chain. In my area, NC I see them in all the usual places. grocery stores, walmart etc