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Nov 6, 2009 07:45 AM

DC equivalent to Iovine Brothers in Philly's Reading Market?

I recently moved here from Philly and am looking for a place that sells fresh but cheap produce, something similar to Philly's Reading market (the Iovine Brothers produce store, in particular). Is there anything like it in the DC area? How about any good farmers markets?

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  1. Though I have not tried it yet, you might consider the Florida Avenue market. See the following thread:

    Or look up Eastern Market. That may be the most similar to Reading Terminal, though it is still quite different.

    People seem to like the Dupont Circle farmers market on Sundays, though it is very expensive. I think it's one of the largest ones in the area.

    1. try H-Mart, an asian grocery chain. They have great and some unusual forms of produce and they are dirt cheap. Of course the best stuff is during the summer months but it is worth a trip at any time. In addition, walking the store is like an asian foodie field trip. Finally it is also a great place to buy fresh fish and seafood including sushi quality tuna and salmon