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Feb 9, 2005 08:59 PM

Falafel in Los Angeles

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Where can you find the best falafel in the Los Angeles area?

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  1. r
    rabo encendido

    The type of question where you'll get at least half a million answers.

    Best falafel I've had is at FALAFEL ARAX, a dinky little place just off Santa Monica Blvd in East Hollywood. Made to order, crispy, hot. Not sitting around under heat lamps a la Zankou.

    Close second would be down Santa Monica Blvd. a few hops to MAROUCH, a sit-down Armenian-Lebanese restaurant. This is one of my favorite places in the city. Excellent falafel, excellent everything else.

    Last, but not least, MOISHE'S, a stall at the 3rd street/Fairfax farmer's market does nice falafel, also made to order.

    (323) 663-9687
    5101 Santa Monica Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90029

    Marouch Restaurant
    (323) 662-9325
    4905 Santa Monica Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90029

    Moishe's Restaurant
    (323) 936-4998
    6333 West 3rd St
    Los Angeles, CA 90036

    1. I'd have to agree...FALAFEL ARAX is my favorite place for falafel's. Parking can be terrible during lunch time and you may not find a place to sit but I think it's definitely worth a trip.

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      1. re: Augusta

        Old Country Chix Sandwich too!

        1. re: Augusta

          i agree as well! the best falafel i've had in LA. rivals the delicious falafel place on rue de rosiers in paris - one of the best falafels i've had anywhere.
          also, the man who usually works the counter is so sweet. definitely worth the trip

        2. Sunnin on Westwood and Santa Monica.

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            1. re: r

              ditto again! Sunnin is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!1

            2. re: davesch7

              sunnin on westwood likes to make their falafal in batches and then reheats the falafal balls in the microwave oven next to the fryer.
              if you are ok with this, then you may be happy with sunnin.
              also, the way they make their falafal sandwiches is to wrap the microwaved falafal balls in a huge piece of cold doughy white pita along with the sauce, wrap the whole thing up in tin foil and put it on the grill to warm. this will turn the bread and everything else into a huge, doughy, steamey, soggy, white-bread mess by the time you open the 'package' to eat it.

              1. re: westsidegal

                yeah, i never ever liked this method for a falafel pita, it just really tasted pretty terrible.

              2. re: davesch7

                I'm a big fan of Sunnin in Westwood, too. Honestly, and zero disrespect intended, but I've never heard of an experience with microwaved falafal at Sunnin outside of westsidegal's post. I'm very sure it happened but I've been there a lot and I've never seen it.

                Personally, I need some green (fava) in my falafal and Sunnin has that. I think their hummus has the best balance of lemon juice and olive oil I've had in the city (never been to Wahib's) and I love the texture. Other mezze are great in my book, too, especially the kibbbeh.

                The 'rice' is actually revolting and I have seen them perform the steam packet routine with the sandwich, which was lame, however, Sunnin is good enough to warrant a visit and for you to make the call yourself.

                1. re: davesch7

                  is sunnin still making their falafal in batches and reheating it in a microwave?
                  that's why the microwave was set up next to the falafal fryer in the old place.
                  haven't been back since they moved across the street.

                2. Falafel King in Westwood Village.

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                  1. re: Chowpatty

                    I use to go to Falafel King in Westwood when I was in college. I remember the falafel was ok, but the fried potato chip on top of the falafel was really tasty.

                    1. re: Chowpatty

                      Sorry, can't agree about Falafel King. Very flavorless, dry and overcooked falafel balls. I do like the fresh potato chips, though.

                    2. I'm no expert, but I like Falafel Palace in Reseda. Made to order, green on the inside, cheap, hot, crispy. They have a nice pickle bar too w/pickled cabbage and different pickles.

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                      1. re: snackish

                        I like Falafel Palace as well. I was just there yesterday. Falafel was crispy and hot.

                        James (BTW, the poster's my brother and has my rec on Falafel Palace already)

                        1. re: snackish

                          Thirded. If I'm not making it at home, this is my next choice.