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Nov 6, 2009 06:07 AM

Marcella Hazan's chicken recipes

I have made many things from her great books but not much in the poultry section. The only chicken recipe I have made is the roast chicken with lemon. Any other standouts? I was thinking of the cacciatore ( there are two versions in her book). Does anyone have preferences among the two recipes? thanks!

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  1. I always make the her classic cacciatore recipe, the one with carrots, celery,peppers, tomatoes. It is really a simple, good recipe, and great over spiral pasta or any other starch for that matter.

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      I make this recipe, too. definitely my favorite cacciatore recipe.'s been a while. We were going to grill a chicken tonight but may have to do this instead.

    2. I like the chicken fillets stuffed with pork and rosemary.

      I've also substituted turkey cutlets for the chicken. I think the fat in the ground pork plus the flavors really lifted up the turkey.

      1. My favourite is her chicken with cherry tomatoes and olives from Marcella Cucina. It is superb.

        1. I have also made the caccitarore new version and while simple it was very enjoyable.

          1. I like them both. As you would imagine, the "new" version is simpler both in execution and flavors, but is quite nice as a minimalist dish. If you haven't made cacciatore before, they're both a great way to begin thinking about improvising your own.