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Nov 6, 2009 05:56 AM

Turkeys - Fresh or Heritage

I see that Natural Grocer has several types of turkey, frozen:

Free Range: $1.79/lb

Organic: $2.99/lb

Heritage: $5.49/lb

Can we list other findings below so we can all make informed choices? What about fresh turkeys?

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  1. Rudeboy,

    Sprouts is pushing a fresh, not frozen, free range turkey that has my name on it.

    For the last three years I have tried to get a fresh heritage turkey but it was too difficult or too expensive. I'm thinking the combo of fresh and free range might up the turkey enough to taste a significantly yummy difference.

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    1. re: reinadetostones

      Wow - $1.47 per lb of fresh, free range is a much better deal. Thank you for the info.....

      1. re: rudeboy


        Sprouts is selling them now - which doesn't seem very safe. How far ahead to you think a fresh turkey can (should) be purchased? I plan to try a dry brine.

    2. has local organic turkeys, I believe everything they have is frozen.
      Local, free range: $5.99/lb
      Regular organic: $4.56/lb

      Their newsletter says to order soon if you want the local birds, obviously the supply is limited.

      1. Wheatsville has frozen Organic Prairie turkeys for $2.99/lb. They are accepting pre-orders but say they are not necessary.

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        1. re: brentwood

          Has anyone tasted heritage vs usual turkey? I understand the heritage take a lot longer to reach maturity and are thus more expensive, but is it justified to spend over $85 on the bird?

          Also, fresh vs frozen, since even "fresh" are shipped lightly frozen (26 - 28 degrees), is there a difference?

          1. re: tummoi

            I haven't, tummoi - however, there's lot's of discussion on the Home Cooking board. Do a search on "Heritage."