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Nov 6, 2009 05:51 AM

Goat meat?

Yesterday I was shopping in my local supermarket and lo and behold I found they had goat meat. I have never tried or cooked with it but I'm always up for a challenge so I bought it. Now, I'm wondering what do I do with it? Any ideas or suggestions.

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  1. depends on the cut and the age of the goat. i assume it was not labeled as "kid"? cook it like lamb.

    i usually do a slow braise with aromatics. orange juice, ginger, carrots, onions, some tomato product. when it's finished i reduce the cooking liquid way down and finish with harissa.

    1. I had goat curry at the Indian place recently, it was really good.

      1. You have good timing. The Washington Post food section just had a whole article on Greek food this week, with a braised goat recipe.

        1. Is it fresh goat meat or frozen? If it's fresh, whatever you decide to do with it, I would do it quickly. I might cook a cut of beef the day after I buy it, but not goat. Not unless I lived in an area with an ethnic community that consumed a lot of goat meat and I was shopping in a supermarket with excellent turnover.

          Getting fresh goat meat is not an easy prospect for me. I live in an area that's fairly mixed racially, but if I saw goat in a supermarket, I would probably walk the other way. For me, fresh goat involves a 30 minute drive into the heart of a Middle Eastern community.

          1. I should mention it's got ribs from australia.