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Nov 6, 2009 05:30 AM

Help getting to Brauhaus Schmitz on South Street

I was really looking forward to trying Brauhaus Schmitz on South Street last Sunday evening. Alas, after driving around for 30 minutes or so looking for parking, I gave up and headed home.

Can anyone tell me what that parking options are in this part of town? Brauhaus Schmitz is located on the 700 block of South Street. I don't have any problems walking several blocks if that's what it takes.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. Not sure which direction you're coming from, but if it involves I-95: exit at Columbus Blvd, turn left (left as you are facing the river) and go just a little distance to a public parking lot on your left. Take the stairs up to the pedestrian bridge over I-95 - this is the one you can see with the statues of "people" walking. It puts you at Front and South St.

    If you look at the map (see link below), you can see the parking lot - this is right near the Moshulu, I think.

    Coming from SJ, we've found this to be the easiest way to avoid parking headaches closer to South Street...

    1. The other option is to park at the Whole Foods lot, which is at 10th and South. It has a two hour limit, but you can always find a place there.

      Last time I was there, I parked in a lot off second and south, but the cost was 18.50. Almost 50 percent of my bill at the restaurant.

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        Please don't park at Whole Foods unless you are shopping there.

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          um, yeah, don't do that. finding a spot at whole foods is a pain if you are actually shopping there and people leaving their cars there = schmucks.

          i grew up and live 2 blocks south of 7th and south so i do have a few good recommendations for parking.

          1. be prepared to walk. NEVER in my 14 years of driving has it taken me 30 minutes to find a spot in my neighborhood. you just have to be creative and not expect to park within a block of your destination.

          2. so, where to park - head south on 8th or 10th (not 6th, too many non-locals loop between 6th and front) and weave up and down the streets between bainbridge and christian. you may have to go a little south of christian, but this is still less than a ten minute walk from brauhaus. beware of 2 hour parking signs though.

          3. there are a few free municipal lots in the area, one at 7th and fitzwater, on christian between 7th and 8th and around 7th and carpenter (just south of christian). free = yay!

          4. as for pay lots, the ones on delaware are definitely good and you get to walk up all of south street, which is nice. there are also a few lots on south street, though i am sure they are spensivo. there is one on lombard between 2nd and 3rd as well and you can enter a south st one on bainbridge (between 4th and 3rd?).

          5. take a bus or a taxi from another part of town. if you want to park in center city (if you're more familiar with it), taxis are always a safe bet....

          good luck! that place has some damn good stuff......

        2. I guess you don't want to pay? You should be able to find street parking around 11th & Bainbridge.

          By the way, street parking in the neighborhoods Fitzwater and south is probably harder to come by on "school nights" like Sunday because everyone is at home with their cars parked. You may actually have more luck on a Friday or Saturday.

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            I'd agree with the 11th and Fitzwater area, I've had luck on the 900 block where the park is. Make sure you read the signs, they are changing weekly around there, with limits going later and later (as well as being different block to block and on different sides of the street). Most do not limit parking on Sundays, however.

            Also, a lot of the blocks around Jefferson and Pennsylvania Hospitals are not residential permit blocks, so if you come from the north (8th street or 10th street), you might find a spot around their campuses.

          2. There's a small parking lot on 7th right off of South. Besides that, cruise Bainbridge all the way to front for parking. There are also a couple of garages on Lombard off of 2nd.

            1. There's a lot at 5th St between Spruce and Pine (I think there's also an entrance on 6th) that, at least the last time I parked there, had a pretty decent late night rate if you parked after a certain time, I think 5pm or 6pm.