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Nov 6, 2009 05:30 AM

DaVinci or Ivy?

How is the food at DaVinci? It gets good Yelp reviews.

I like Ivy and was planning to go there tonight, but we were just at Damiano on Wednesday so think that's too much of the Italian small plates.

Curious as to whether DaVinci is really good or just eh.


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  1. I haven't been in about 10 months but the two times I ate there, I thought it was very good and enjoyed everything we tried. A much differentt feel than Ivy.

    1. I think Da Vinci is sort of underrated and overlooked for how good the food is. It's not all small plates, though they do have that kind of menu at the bar. Pastas are incredible, and the chef is a great host, usually visits every table at some point during dinner. They have great prix fixe deals almost every night now. Bartending used to suck, but is much improved with a new bar manager. My only knock is that the decor has that veneer-like quality I associate with Vegas and new hotels. One of the Back Bay's better Italian options, for sure.

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        We've hit Da Vinci a few times since we're only a 5min walk and have enjoyed it every time. They have a prix fixe menu that's better than ordering directly off the menu. Portions were good and the food was good :-)
        Place is a bit dim but that's the ambiance they're going for...