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Nov 6, 2009 04:51 AM

16 prospect, westfield

what's it like? food any good? seems a tad pricey but attractive. whats the atmosphere like?

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  1. I can only say I was there for drinks. I thought that was overpriced, too!! Little did I know, the wine I tasted and liked was $ 12.00 a glass. out of 6 of us, we each had 2 glasses. $144.00..can you beleive that!! What a watse of money.

    I know, I probably should have asked how much first, but with the look of the place inside, I thought nothing would be over 8 or 9 dollars.

    The menu was so week, and the dinners we saw coming out of the kitchen looked about the same as that diner down the street.

    Sorry I can't be more of help on the food, but I just get so mad when I think what we spent on an ok (probably $ 20) bottile of wine.

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      I think the place is overpriced and heading downhill. I've been there a few times, liked it at first, but the most recent during Westfield restaurant week will probably be my last. I ordered off the special menue--first course of foccacia was dry and uninteresting. Main course of grilled salmon Provencal was small and overdone, under a gloppy red sauce. No sides, except for the (very oridinary) house salad that came with all dinners. Why bother participating in Restaurant Week when you're only promoting the mediocrity of your kitchen?

    2. It's terrible. NY prices, food like Bennigans.

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      1. re: mushr00m

        Wow...this place is still in business??

      2. Sad to say, the food here used to be very good and the wine selection nice as well. Now we wont step foot inside. Its a really quaint space and just needs some new life but it seems to stay crowded