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Nov 6, 2009 04:39 AM

Austin...need an unusual-romantic meal.

I am visiting a lady-friend in Austin. I am trying to find something unusual to an old-fashioned picnic. However, the weather and fire-ants could pose a problem.

We love privacy. I wonder if there are any services that would set-up a 2 person lunch...either on a hillside...or on a boat.

Any ideas ??


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. What weather and what fire ants? The weather is wonderful right now. How swanky does it need to be? It sounds like you want to pay for a catered meal, served to you at someone's private place, rather than picking up a box of fried chicken or a nice meal to go and eating it in a public park.

      1. I highly recommend the Duffy rentals from Capital Cruises. They're like golf carts, only on Lady Bird Lake. You can drive them yourself quite easily, or they will provide a chauffeur. I don't believe they cater, but you can bring your own food/drink without any extra charges, and there's a comfortable large table in the middle of each boat. $65/hour, I believe at any time of day... but sunset for the bats is amazing.

        We've easily fit 8 in before, with a full picnic of goodies found at whole foods or central market (including a cooler full of wine), and it's always been memorable.

        1. Four Seasons Austin does picnic baskets and sets them up on their beautiful lawn overlooking Lady Bird Lake or you can take them to go to your spot of choice

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            Oh, you know that's gonna be good...I'll have to remember that.

          2. I second the suggestion for Four Seasons. The picnic meals from Trio are fabulous.

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              I just went on the site...not cheap, either. However, the meal I had at Trio was worth every penny, so I'd imagine the picnic is also worth while.

              Another option is you both going to Central Market (or you alone if you want to surprise her) and creating a picnic there, complete with wonderful little individual and small-portion desserts and pastries.

              On a side-note, has anyone seen any fire ants this year? I can honestly say I didn't encounter one this whole year.

              Can I also suggest NOT going to Zilker Park (the parking and crowds do not instill romance to me), but rather go to the overlook at the Pennybacker (360/2222) bridge? If you park on the Courtyard side (park in in neighborhood, cuz it says no parking on 360) and walk up and immediately turn left and go about 30 yards, there's a really cool little alcove that's perfect for a quiet, romantic picnic. Bring a blanket, but you even have little rock ledges to rest your wine glass and plate.