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Nov 6, 2009 01:50 AM

Berlin Query: Where to find chipotle peppers in adobo & what's the best margarine?

I'm taking these questions to the Chow professionals because commenters on the Toytown Berlin forum tend to be snarky about food-related inquiries.

Two questions:

1) Do any shops in the city sell chipotle peppers in adobo? Powdered chipotle would be a second option, but much less prefered. I've thought about asking the staff at a newish Mexican restaurant, Maria Bonita, to point me in the right direction or sell me some of their stock.

2) I need to avoid butter for health reasons. What is the tastiest low-cholesterol or cholesterol-free margarine? I'd especially like one that is creamy, buttery tasting and not too watery for toast.

Vielen Dank for any Geheimtipps!

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  1. We will hook you up... no problem... bring a tupperware or something... when it comes to butter we really don´t know... See you around... Ramsés (one of the owners of Maria Bonita)

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