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Nov 6, 2009 12:09 AM

The city's latest crush: Camdeborde's new wine bar L'Avant Comptoir

Yves Camdeborde (Mr. Bistronomy, formerly of la Régalade and now le Comptoir) has opened a new wine bar near Odeon. It is, in short, fantastic.

To be clear: it's only a counter, serving inexpensive mouthfuls (tapas style) and a small selection of wine. But it's what every visitor seems to be searching for - a way to sample delicious things and be surrounded by fun locals without spending a fortune.

Here are the rave reviews that have already come in:

In English:

Meg Zimbeck (that's me):

The Paris Kitchen:

Dorie Greenspan:

Serve it Forth:

In French:


My Little Paris:

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  1. Meg, thanks for this tip. Do you know what hours they are open? (could not find via Google.)

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        1. re: shortstop

          Hi again - I'm looking at the business card and it says 9h à 1h du matin.
          Early morning to late at night - that's my kind of place!

          I'm guessing that the early morning is for crèpes, waffles and coffee. Half of the place is dedicated to these takeout goodies (sandwiches, too) and they even have a loyalty card (buy 10 value meals get one free) which I almost never see in Paris. Love this place.

    1. Looks nice, and since it's really a "comptoir" it's perfect to drop in have a quick drink and a bite.


      1. Meg, it is good to see Yves has opened another great place. I, for one had never gone off Le Comptoir du Relais, although many others seemed to have moved on.

        I have read Yves is dropping its dual format approach at Le Comptoir (hard to get dinner reservation Mon to Fri, and no reservation brasserie at other times) to become a no reservation brasserie every evening.

        One idea behind L'Avant Comptoir was that it would be a waiting area for Le Comptoir. It will be interesting to see if this works; looking at your review it seems like the offspring could outshine the parent.

        1. I'm a bit confused...I've had this place address bookmarked not as a wine bar but as a creperie, hoping to have a sandwich or two later:

          Well, as long as they are still selling sandwiches...

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          1. re: kikisakura

            It was a creperie (and not a very busy one). Yves decided to to turn it into a bar a few months ago, and it has just opened in its latest incarnation.

            1. re: PhilD

              Not a very busy one... or a very good one it was.

          2. My wife and I enjoyed L'Avant Comptoir very much. Favorite food was the sauteed chicken hearts, with black pepper and crisply garlic slices. The hearts were tender and chewy, and the pepper and garlic really made them sing. The chefs/servers behind the counter were lots of fun, and eager to explain their offerings.