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Nov 5, 2009 09:34 PM

I ate the mutant yellow eggplant

I was buying eggplant from a farmstand that specializes in Italian varieties. There was a bright yellow eggplant and when I asked what it was the vendor didn't know. She said it was the only one and it was growing with the dark purple eggplant.

A few days later I pull the eggplant out of the fridge and it looks like the yellow eggplant had rotted. But no ... it had started to develop puple spots. It was still firm. So I cut it open,

It had bright green seeds and streaks. This thing was the exact colors of the Brazilian flag. It was really beautiful and I wish I took a picture.

A little after I started to fry it up, I was sorry I didn't do something to save the seeds.

So that is my first question. Is there something I could have done to save seeds?

As to the taste, it had a green tomato taste to it. However the skin was almost like the type of pepper that needs the skin removed.

So that is the second question. Could there have been an veggie orgie in the field and either a tomato or pepper made whoopie with that eggplant?

It is NOT a Thai yellow eggplant. It is the same size as the normal purple eggplant at supermarkets.

There are mentions here and there on the web about a single yellow eggplant growing with the purple varieties. The closed I could find was this photo, but it is paler than my eggplant ... seriously ... Brazilian flag yellow.

However, so far I haven't found anyone mentioning bright green streaks inside.

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  1. A friend gave me a yellow eggplant, shaped like Black Beauty, and I let it mature on the counter, then split it open for seeds. I don't know if the seeds need to ferment (like tomatoes do) to be viable. I'm going to try to gerninate them this year. It supposedly came from a six-pak of regular Black Beauty plants bought at a local nursery. So some sort of throw-back? I asked my boss and he was not familiar with a particular variety of yellow 'globe' eggplant, but the world is a big place.

    here is a fact sheet:

    My taxi-cab yellow eggplant was not streaky inside.

    Don't think pepper/ eggplant/tomatoes can cross-breed, though they are from the same family.

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      You could have just saved the seeds..and then traded them for something interesting.

      Tomato seeds will sprout if they are just air dried. (At least mine do.)

      So long as a pollen tube can grow down a stigma, there is a potential for crossing. With some of the complexities of ploidy and what will cross with whatever, don't rule out crosses. Who would ever have thought to make a mule?

    2. Just saw some heirloom yellow eggplant starts at a local nursery. I'll look next week for a variety name and track down info if available. It's not warm enough where I am to grow eggplant. :-(

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      1. re: toodie jane

        What was unique about this one was that crazy green interior.

        Hope you are well. Drop me an email sometime if you like