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Nov 5, 2009 08:18 PM

For Those Of You Who Loved Taco Bells Bellbeefer...

I used to work at Taco Bell as a teenager and we used to make and sell an item called the
"Bellbeefer" that was basically the same taco meat served in tacos but served on a hamburger bun with lettuce, cheese and tomato. I have been searching for such an item and literally fell upon a small restaurant in Long Beach that does a great version of the Taco Bell original. It is a bit more spicier and you have to ask to have the cheese and tomato added but they've never charged me more for those requests. The restaurant is named Great Mex and they have other locations in Costa Mesa and Newport Beach( On Sundays the burgers are only $1.00 each. The normal price is $1.95. They also have Mexican Coke to help wash away the heat. Tuesdays and Fridays have tacos for only $1.00 each. For those of you who remember the old "Bellbeefer" I think you'll be very happy to know you can still find a suitable version after Taco Bell got rid of "the bun".

Great Mex
2360 Newport Blvd Ste A, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

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  1. You can also go to the Taco Bell on Peck Rd. north of Valley Blvd. about 1/2 - 3/4 of a mile and order one there. It is not on the menu but they do make them at this Taco Bell.

    1. Speaking of Taco Bell... I am still questing for a chili cheese burrito, or "Chilito" There is a site that documents the places that are supposed to serve them, but I've called all the SoCal locations on there and none of them actually serve this wonderful little piece of Heaven!

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        Is it a Taco Bell Web Site or another site?

        1. re: carly_mizzou

          Google it, and you shall receive:

          OTOH you could make the BB or chilito yourself with some ground beef filling. Except Burger Boy, he has an Unlimited travel budget when food is concerned :-).

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            It is called a Schwinn 10 Speed bike, circa 1971.

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              Is it a 'Traveler or a Varsity. I have a Traveler 111

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              Hard to replicate their sauce and those cheap soft buns come in a 24 or 36 pack. Unless we are doing a BB party at your house for a dozen people I do not have the freezer space.

          2. Thanks sounds awesome.

            1. I know we're not supposed to be nostalgic, but there was a place called Taco Tah on La Cienaga and Pico that made a burger with their ground taco meat filling, topped with shredded cheese that was fantastic. When they went out of business I started on the Bellbeefer, and remember eating those at the Taco Bell in Isla Vista. Loved them.

              Pico Cafe
              8944 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035