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Nov 5, 2009 07:59 PM

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner for 200 in Houston

I have not lived in Houston for almost 10 years and am getting married there in August of 2010. I am looking for a restaurant (bbq or tex-mex) for a casual/laid-back rehearsal dinner on a Saturday night. If you know of any great locations that can accommodate for around 200 people please let me know!!!!

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  1. Swinging Door in Ft Bend County. Even a band on Saturday nites.

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      I don't think they have a band any more. It's worth checking out, though.

    2. Hi, I am getting married in Houston in May. I too have lived away for 10 years and am looking for your exact same rehearsal dinner, but with about 100 ppl.

      I havent found anything really good; Goodes has a private room for about 100 I think, but the general word is that their bbq kinda sucks.

      We have figured that the best thing to do is probably rent a space and get someone like Pierce's to cater it.

      Try the arboretum, Heights fire house, Milford House, or Avant Garden on Montrose. I am sure there are other places if you are willing to travel, but I want to keep close to Galleria and only want to pay about 4K total for everything.

      Hope that helps and if you have come up with anything else, please please let me know!

      1. A Tex-Mex option might be Cadillac Bar. They have a laid back atmosphere and have a couple of big private party rooms. Attended a 40th b-day there not long ago and it was nice.

        1. August might be a bit toasty, but i had my rehearsal dinner at Ragin Cajun, it was the location that is not on Richmond, a bit out of town (pretty fast out on I-10). We hired the Zydeco Dots (which I think was <$500 for the night!) and had a buffett and people sat outside and inside. We had closer to 100 people but it could have been more. The location is sad (in a strip mall and next to a Hooters) but the experience made up for it. Our drink bill was $$$$ bcause it was unusually hot for October and they really pushed the hurricanes and margaritas but all my yankee family and friends had a great time.

          1. I recently attended a rehearsal dinner at Goode Company's Armadillo Palace. It was a great place, with yummy Goode Co barbeque, Texas music, and great atmosphere. This is the 2nd time I have been there for a large group party and both times the restaurant has handled it so-o-o well. Although, I was not the hostess at either of the parties, I have heard that the management and crew were excellent to work with.

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              Just sayin' here, but...

              Josephine's caters.

              You'd have to provide the venue, but I'm really lovin the idea of her ribs for 200 people. Maybe you could set it all up, then accidentally/on purpose give some of your less popular guests the wrong address?

              It's just a thought, but that'd be more food for YOU.