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Nov 5, 2009 07:59 PM

Lunch spot in 1eme (or 3eme) for jet-lagged trio

We are arriving on Wednesday at 11am and have 2-3 hours before our rental apartment in the 1eme will be available. Fortunately, we can drop off our luggage while the apartment is being cleaned. I'm looking for a place nearby to have lunch. We'll be low energy since none of us sleeps very well on a trans-atlantic flight so 1eme or the western side of the 3eme would be ideal. Someplace comfortable (banquettes a plus), perhaps a bit cozy/warm-feeling, and with food that is definitely good but not necessarily very good. (We'll save those meals for when we have slept and have the energy and enthusiasm to appreciate them!). Also important is a place that won't mind if we linger.

I appreciate any suggestions...thank you!

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  1. Go to Les Halles area and walk down Rue Berger (if you're walking with your back to the Seine, take a left at the Fountain des Innocents off Rue St. Denis) Just stroll and see what looks fun to you. Not Hippopotomus, but almost anything else will be ok. Try Chez Clovis on the corner, others just up the street from there. We especially like Chien Qui Fume on the corner just before Chez Clovis.

    1. It sounds like Chez Denise is the obvious answer. They're open 24/24 (but not on weekends) so you can linger and your flight can be late (which they usually are).

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        Thank you both for your recs. JmV, Rue Berger is very close and sounds like there are mutliple options.
        Souphie, we are having dinner at Chez Denise that night... it was a favorite from a previous trip and we are looking forward to heading back there. I read in another thread (delucacheesemonger, I think) that they have some good game items now. (And it hadn't even occurred to me to go there for lunch! not sure why....)

        Thanks again!

      2. A few blocks further into the 3rd is Le Loir dans la Théière. I usually think of it after I've been walking and shopping and want a place in the mid afternoon to relax for awhile.

        I think it could also fit your jet-lagged mid-week lunch needs. If you haven't been before, here is a listing with address and hours:

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          Thanks souvenir. I just googled Le Loir dans la Théière to see if I could find a website. No website but I did find a blog that has photos of the interior. They have leather club chairs that look very comfy! They could be just what our jet-lagged bodies will need. How's the food - is it chow worthy?

          1. re: dot_boston

            I can't remember ever having had a full lunch there, more like a savory snack - a piece of quiche or savory tart slice, and something to drink. I tend to shy away from characterizing things as chow-ish. It seems to me that in the last couple of years there are so many different meanings applied to chow-ish or chow-worthy.

            I think of it as a charming, cozy spot with good quality offerings. I think I'd characterize it as good not exceptional. For a jet-lagged state, I thought it was a comfortable low-key match. I think others on this board have eaten there. Perhaps one or two of them will share their experiences.

        2. What about:
          Les Fines Gueules
          43, rue Croix des Petits Champs in the 1st, (Metro: Les Halles
          Open everyday
          Cost 40-60 E depending on the wine.

          John Talbott