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Nov 5, 2009 07:42 PM

seattle this weekend(nov 7-9) -dining alone

Hey there! Calgary chowhound in seattle this weekend -saturday and sunday night dinner - saturday with friends and sunday alone. i'm staying at the sheraton downtown so walking distance or a quick cab ride would be great. i'd love some halibut or tuna since i come from excellent red meat country and fish is an expensive item in calgary. nothing touristy please, i used to live in vancouver. a great neighbourhood breakfast joint, some local wine....that would be great. i'm curious about SPUR and How to Cook a Wolf...other suggestions? our saturday night dinner will be early as well.

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  1. Regarding suggestions for Sunday breakfast/brunch and fish for dinner on Sunday night, see the thread at Regarding Spur and How to Cook a Wolf, see the thread at

    1. Spur (located downtown in Belltown) and How to Cook a Wolf (located a cab ride away at the top of Queen Anne hill) are both great choices. Alternately, you could come up to Capitol Hill (a long walk or a short cab ride away) and hit either/both of their sister restaurants Tavern Law or Anchovies & Olives. I've personally found more seafood choices at Anchovies & Olives than at How to Cook a Wolf, and I enjoyed the food more at Tavern Law than Spur. Union (downtown) is another of Ethan Stowell's restaurants and also a great place for solo dining. As for breakfast, Tom Douglas' Lola is probably my fav brunch downtown, followed closely by Boat Street Cafe (Belltown). Presse up on Capitol Hill is another great breakfast option. Enjoy your visit!

      How to Cook a Wolf:
      Tavern Law:
      Anchovies & Olives:
      Boat Street Cafe: