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Nov 5, 2009 07:07 PM

American lamb in Dallas.

I'm tired of being forced to buy lamb imported from New Zealand and Australia. Lamb raised on American ranches is not only less expensive but, shipped fresh not frozen, tastier, and because the animals are slaughtered a bit older, larger.
Whole Foods used to sell American lamb but they no longer do.
Anyone know where American lamb can be purchased in Dallas?

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  1. Is that anything like American Werewolf in London?

    1. I called Kuby's and Rudolph's and they both sell (fresh) American raised lamb ($19.99 LB) from Colorado. I should have known.

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        Are you also looking to buy direct from producers?

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          You can also purchase pastured lamb from local area ranches (Rehoboth, Windy Meadows, Truth Hill Farm) through Texas Supernatural Meats at the Dallas Farmers Market. For some reason, I haven't tried any of the lamb but have had some really good grass fed beef from both Rehoboth and Truth Hill.

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            However it will all be previously frozen.

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              Or you could take a leaisurely drive out to Celeste, TX (just north of Greenville and due east of Melissa and Blue Ridge) to Good Earth Organic Farm and you can go pick one out of the herd.


              $185 for a whole lamb processed Oct-Nov
              Spring lambs $225

        2. We bought rack of lamb through JuHa Ranch at the Farmers Market at the Green Spot. I believe they are at the Dallas Farmer's Market every other weekend as well.

          1. Thanks, all. I'll be buying fresh (Colorado) lamb at Rudolphs or Kuby's. Both stores are very conveniently located near me. Although the thought of buying "natural" locally raised grass fed lamb is enticing, I'm not interested in driving too far or, buying large sides of (frozen) lamb. The occasional rack or individual rib chops are all I need.
            Again, thank you all for your suggestions. I will consider this topic, closed.

            1. Central Market. They sell lamb from Rancher's Lamb in San Angelo, TX. The company is owned by a group of local West Texas ranchers, so you're not buying some factory farm's product.

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