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Nov 5, 2009 06:47 PM

Dessert Help

So, we're having friends over for dinner Sunday. I don't know what to make for dessert. Here's the dinner menu. I'm thinking something warm and fruity for dessert, since it's starting to chill here in the Northwest, but I'm just not sure what to make! It seems like I could do something with either mascarpone or balsamic to tie together the meal, but I'm not sure how. I appreciate any suggestions!

Appetizer: Bruschetta (Toppings: roasted red peppers and artichoke hearts; tomatoes in balsamic dressing; marscapone with herbs)

Entree: Skillet-braised chicken breasts in tomatoes and red wine; mashed potatoes

Dessert: ???

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  1. Someone was asking about how to use leftover marscapone recently and I suggested a couple different recipes for poached pears with marscapone. They use wine as part of the poaching liquid. One has an asian-spiced syrup. You take a little scoop of marscapone and put it in the hollow where the seeds were. Drizzle a sauce over. Top with some nuts.

    Simple, fruity, and fall-like.

    Here's the thread. Look for the post on the pears towards the bottom:

    1. I would think abou pears too. Pear and fall grape galette would be lovely with ba;samic caramel and/or marscapone. or with either of those flavors made into ice cream.

      1. How about a mascarpone cheesecake with a balsamic-chocolate vinaigrette sauce?

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          That sounds delightful. I believe I know what I'll be Googling...

        2. Do a search for galleygirl (Laurie's) pear tart here--it's so easy and delicious. Serve warm w/ ice cream or a dollop of slightly sweetened creme fraiche.

          1. How about a strawberry shortcake with a balsamic reduction....