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Easy Samosa Recipe?

I'm need to make samosas for a vegan Indian, but am afraid of messing up the home-made dough. Is there a good substitute, something without eggs? Would phyllo dough work?

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  1. would totally work - you just need to bake them instead of deep frying them. I also just make the filling sometimes and put it in a casserole dish (liked mashed potatoes) or make somosa croquettes (which are easily reheated).

    1. when i was little, i'd help my mom fill samosas. she'd use tortillas, cut in half. make a paste of flour and water to "glue" them.

      put a bit of the filling in the middle, fold into thirds, squeeze out extra air and seal the bottom (rounded edge)

      1. I've made them using egg roll wrappers (per a recipe from epicurious.com). They were very successful. I had to trim the wrappers into a 5" square shape. The trimmed-off strips are a good snack deep-fried on their own.

        1. You'd have better luck with spring roll wrappers than with phyllo. For a thin crust like this, I think a mashed filling is probably the better way to go.

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            I made mine with canned salmon, flaked, and onion, etc. I could have added potatoes and peas, if I wanted to stretch the salmon.

            However, I see the OP was cooking for a vegan, so I guess the usual potatoes and peas is the way to go.

          2. The samosa dough I make is just flour, salt, oil, and water (I do it by touch, believe the original recipe was Madhur Jaffrey's). Don't recall seeing a samosa dough recipe with eggs in it (eggs would leaven them too much, I should think).

            1. This recipe could not be easier and is always a big hit at parties. It calls for square wonton wrappers, which make a perfect cocktail-size samosa when folded into a triangle.


              1. I've made this recipe using phyllo:

                It's not exactly authentic, but tastes good and is easier than making your own dough.

                1. another good option ( i have no idea if its vegan) is to use crescent rolls but just unwrap them - you'll get an amazing flaky texture.

                  1. If you want flaky Punjabi style samosas, can't help you. But I can tell you that my grandmother ALWAYS used egg roll wrappers. Sometimes she'd bake them, but of course they're tastier fried. I'm pretty sure they're vegan.

                    As someone else also said, you could use phylo, but I think you should be ok frying it. I've seen Greek recipes for something similar to samosas made with fried phylo.