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Nov 5, 2009 04:22 PM

Cooking for Two.... and feeling stale!

I've got to learn to cut back.... I'm used to cooking for six to 24, and now it's just two to four. Plus I'm fresh out of ideas!

I need some suggestions that are still in the ballpark re: costs, interesting, not overly complicated and produce the least leftover... I can freeze, but prefer not to re-heat as the guests are supposed to be impressed. I need full-scope of menu ideas here with extra bonus points for 'southern.' This is Virgnia. Gosh, jeez.... whaddaya got?

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  1. Four easy words. Cookbook of the Month. Right here on this site.

    Three years ago I was where you are now. Since joining the monthly cookalong brigade my repertoire has increased dramatically. Check out past months and see what can be done to spark up your weekly menus.
    Here's a link to the Archive thread:

    Most months you don't even have to buy or borrow (from the library) the COTM as there are many on-line recipes available.

    As for southern.... see these threads: