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Nov 5, 2009 03:10 PM

Pizza and Wings from one resto or chain?

I'm having tweens and a couple of adults over and will be ordering pizza mainly for the kids. I would also like to order not great, but decent wings from the same place to make it easy.

I've heard that Pizza Hut has pretty good wings but the pizza on their website doesn't look too good. Pizza Nova looks like a better bet for pizza but never tried their wings.

This shouldn't be that difficult...and does the chain location matter? I'm in downtown west end Toronto.

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  1. My vote would be Pizza Nova if you have to do one-stop shopping. When we recently ordered we got 6 wings by mistake and the driver just told us to keep them. They were good. They didn't have any sauce on them, almost tasted like KFC. And I don't think location matters much with Pizza Nova as they are pretty consistent from what I've seen (at the office, friends homes, my home).

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    1. re: Restaurant Dish

      I'll probably take heat for this one...

      When I lived in Scarborough I'd order Reginos from time to time. It wasn't gourmet, but it was filling, well prepared and reasonable. Their wings are interesting, they have a south asian influence to them that I wasn't able to pinpoint. They were great, if you're into a baked wing....

      Oops, just noticed that they're mainly in the east end.

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        Wow, they seem to have pretty good prices, not that I'm an expert.

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          Thanks for the Reginos tip, I was looking for an independent pizza place in Scarborough and these guys are very close to that. Close in location and independent status, that is. :)

      2. Honestly, I really enjoy Pizza Pizza's crispy wings. They are quite good imo. Everyone I've told to try them has liked them.

        PP has a good deal on right now, for 19.99 a large pizza with three toppings and a dipping sauce, ten wings and a dipping sauce, and 4 cans of pop.

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        1. re: racheljenna

          The wings might be good, but I find their pizza to be awful these days and have been for a few years now. Pizza Pizza used to have a decent product but then they went cheap on the sauce, cheese, and other toppings - meaning quality. And their sizing is also quite off. I remember ordering from PP when they had a recent charity day and their large pizza seemed like a small or medium.

          1. re: Restaurant Dish

            I agree with you regarding Pizza Pizza. They are (and have been for some time) absolutely dreadful right across the board.

            I second the motion for Pizza Nova. I have never had a bad pizza from them and I have tried their wings and they are quite good!

            1. re: Aislyn

              Try the Pizza Nova Italian seasoning (dry) wings. They are really good.

            2. re: Restaurant Dish

              I don't know if Pizza Pizza suffers in the GTA, but here in the Windsor area, my closest Pizza Pizza went under in January, 2009, as did the Domino's in my neighbourhood. Only Little Caesar's remains, with its sign-wearing teenager trying to lure customers in from the street. Better quality local chains, such as Armando's and Naples, are thriving, while the national chains are on the decline. With a sizeable Italian population, Windsor has some pretty great pizza, especially the Neapolitan style thin crust pizzas from the restaurants with wood-burning ovens. Windsor also has some excellent wings, but not at the pizza places, sadly. They seem to be almost exclusively pub or BBQ fare here.

          2. Yes? Hi! The best is the Wing Machine. They have the good pizza and the good wings (Not as good as Vashi's though).

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            1. re: Indianguy

              I second Wing Machine. Wings & pizza are both good and they have a really good curry mango wing sauce.

              1. re: LCMB

                As part of my research, we got a couple of orders of wings tonight from Pizza Hut. Tried the buffalo medium heat and cajun.....both meh. The "taters" which are weirdly breaded potatoes ( i think) in the shape of a W were bizarre. And tasteless. Didn't try the pizza but wouldn't bother again with their wings.
                Will try Wing Machine next time.