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Sodium Alginate and Calcium Chloride

Does anyone know where in the Houston, Texas area sodium alginate and calcium chloride can be purchased in small quantities for the home chef? I've only located it in large quantities so far.

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  1. Watch makin? A food bomb? LOL

    1. LOL......Well, in a weird sort of way I am making a food bomb. I want to make both fruit and wine "caviars" to serve with certain dishes. When you bite into each of the individual "caviars", they explode or release the liquid that you made it with (i.e. wine, fruit or vegetable juice).

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      1. You should try to find a store that carries supplies for making cheese at home. Calcium Chloride is used in cheese-making to bump up the calcium content of pasteurized milk.

        1. http://www.infusions4chefs.co.uk/acat...
          This website out of england seems to sell a whole kit to be able to some of this stuff. I would love to take a class or something that teaches some of these techniques. Any in the dallas area?

          Also for “Sodium Alginate” try searching for the word “algin” as well as “alginate”. For calcium chloride, I should also search for “calcic”

          1. Thanks Shanghai Sam for the suggestion. I'll look for the calcium chloride there. I had read on one of the other blogs/forums that Randalls Grocery in the Houston area carrys what I need, but that did not prove to be accurate. Still looking. Sure wish a restaurant chef could chime in and let me know where I might purchase it.

            1. I have located and prucased the needed ingrediants, which are being shipped to me. My next question is how far in advance can the "caviar" be made (i.e. 2 hours before a dinner party), and what is the best way to store it if it can be made in advance. Thanks for the responses so far.

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                where did you purchase the items?

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                  make your caviar 20 or thirty minutes in advance, but they can be made and stored even a day ahead of time. I like to make my caviar just before I need them. Be sure to store them in cold water, and always rinse your caviar when you take them out of the calcium chloride.

                2. you can purchase calcium chloride and sodium alginate in whatever amounts you want from a company online called "terraspice". They have many many products, and at decent prices. They are based in Indiana, I live in central Canada and have bought many products from them. Enjoy

                  1. I live in Austin and I found calcium chloride at our home brew supply store. I checked and DeFalco's in Houston carries it.