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Late Night in Pasadena Area

Dommy Nov 5, 2009 02:21 PM

Going to be running around late in Pasadena for the next few days and wondered what my options are that are open past 11p, that aren't the wine bars and pubs on Colorado... which would not be my first choice anyway...


  1. ipsedixit Nov 5, 2009 02:42 PM

    King Taco or maybe Twohey's? Lucky Boy's is also open pretty late IIRC.

    Twohey's Restaurant
    1224 N Atlantic Blvd, Alhambra, CA 91801

    1. k
      kotatsu Nov 5, 2009 02:46 PM

      Dommy - there is a place called Bella Pizza that took over the location formerly Manny's Pizza. I think on Thurs, Fri and Sat they are open until 3am or something crazy like that. I have been several times for lunch, and their food is pretty good.

      side note: Bella Pizza first opened as Mama Edda's Pizza, but it appears that the local operators bought out the franchise, so they had to change the name.

      1. Will Owen Nov 5, 2009 03:41 PM

        After 11 off Colorado? Dommy, this is Pasadena; bedtime here is 10...!

        There's the taco truck on south Fair Oaks. Aside from that, about all I can think of are Noir (recommended, but open only until 11) and La Grande Orange (meh). Please, someone, prove me wrong; I'm still in a state of suspended rage about Tonny's being forced to shut down at 10, thanks to pressure from MY neighborhood.

        Tonny's Restaurant
        843 E Orange Grove Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91104

        La Grande Orange
        260 South Raymond Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91105

        1. j
          Jack Flash Nov 5, 2009 03:51 PM

          Um, yeah, we kinda roll up the streets at 10, so it's difficult. There's the Magnolia lounge on South Lake. Yeah, it's a bar, but they serve some tasty tidbits. Your other option might be taco trucks. There's a pair on Fair Oaks: one is just north of California, on the east side of the street, in the parking lot of an auto repair facility. Another just up the street, in the parking lot of a Goodyear tire shop.

          Shaker's in South Pas is open late, I think. Twohey's in Alhambra (both are coffee shops).

          Twohey's Restaurant
          1224 N Atlantic Blvd, Alhambra, CA 91801

          1. Dommy Nov 6, 2009 08:35 AM

            Thank you so much everyone for your candor... I DID do some home work (And I'm heartbroken about Tonnys too) and kinda knew what I was getting myself into...

            Anyway, we didn't get out until 11:30, but then Twoheys and Shakers were both closed... we both had a 16+ hr workday and were too exhaused to head anywhere too far so we ended up at El Gallito Taco Truck on Fair Oaks.... In reality, it was okay.... but man did it hit the spot...

            If anyone has any other suggestions for tonight, please hand them over... today will be a lighter load for us and although we also may not get out until late, we will most likely be more willing to wander to the SGV...



            Twohey's Restaurant
            1224 N Atlantic Blvd, Alhambra, CA 91801

            Tonny's Restaurant
            843 E Orange Grove Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91104

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            1. re: Dommy
              ipsedixit Nov 6, 2009 08:45 AM


              Get some comfy Taiwanese pub food, all served to by waitresses in very "un-PC" garb.

              633 South San Gabriel Blvd
              San Gabriel

              1. re: Dommy
                PurpleTeeth Nov 6, 2009 09:46 AM

                Colombo's Steakhouse & Jazz Club
                - www.colombosrestaurant.net
                1833 Colorado Blvd., Los Angeles - (323) 254-9138

                The Kitchen is open until Midnight tonight. Get the Gourmet Burger, the lasangna or bread salad.

                1. re: PurpleTeeth
                  Will Owen Nov 6, 2009 03:26 PM

                  Columbo's is good oldfashioned fun, someplace your kinda raffish uncle would've hung out. In spite of my best intentions I canNOT have a meal there without ordering some kind of non-trendy cocktail, like a real martini or scotch-and-soda.

                  1. re: Will Owen
                    PurpleTeeth Nov 6, 2009 05:33 PM

                    I know and Frank's cocktails will knock you on your ass. Man I am glad i can walk there. Quite often I stick to the Moet splits just to save myself. Do love the place it's always a good time in a very old school kind of way and that Panzella Bread Salad. Yum

                    1. re: PurpleTeeth
                      Will Owen Nov 9, 2009 09:38 AM

                      I always have to drive there, but I also have ONE cocktail and then dinner. Wine with dinner too of course - hey, it's DINNER - but their glasses are so small as to be downright stingy, so my habitual two = one. I'm trying to make this sound like a good thing...

                2. re: Dommy
                  The Oracle Nov 6, 2009 09:48 AM

                  The closest 'coffee shop' type place that's open late/24 hours is Carrow's (in South Pas, corner of Freemont & MIssion).

                  Other kitchens open late: BJ's (Monrovia), Jax (Glendale).

                  If you are willing to go south to Valley Blvd., you're likely to find late night eateries open down there....

                  1. re: The Oracle
                    JThur01 Nov 7, 2009 03:54 PM

                    About Valley Blvd. late night, stay tuned on that :-)

                  2. re: Dommy
                    RoxyGrl Nov 6, 2009 10:33 AM

                    It's not Pasadena, but Casa Bianca in Eagle Rock is open til 1am. Added bonus is you shouldn't have a wait at that hour

                    1. re: RoxyGrl
                      Dommy Nov 7, 2009 12:46 PM

                      Thank you so much again everyone... once again we did not leave the theatre until 11:30 and since we were staying in Glendale Casa Bianca seemed like a perfect idea as we've been wanting an excuse to return since Jonathan's Gold recently mentioned that he gets his with strips of eggplant, which seemed like the BEST idea...

                      Anyway, we pulled up at mid-nite and it was closed.... Oh the fury that insued... LOL!! I guess I was more wasted than I thought.... We both decided to throw in the towel, went up to the In and Out up the street and called it a night...

                      So my week in Pasadena sadly has not successful as I hoped (I should have known on Tuesday when I went to an election night party at Perry's Joint and no hot dogs... :() But I'm not giving on her just yet.... In two weeks I have a PROPER dinner date at Daisy Mint.... wish me luck...


                      Daisy Mint
                      1218 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA

                      Perry's Joint
                      2051 Lincoln Ave, Pasadena, CA 91103

                      1. re: Dommy
                        PurpleTeeth Nov 8, 2009 10:38 AM

                        you didn't miss anything. I have never understood J Gold's like of that place. I have tried it over a dozen times because friends drag me there and hate it now with a passion. Dry crust, toppings with no flavour, canned mushrooms. Go to Brownstone down the street for much better pie and no wait. The only bummer about Brownstone is they are only open until 9. Have fun at Daisy Mint, love the beef salad, the duck soup, the daisy ribs, the salmon. FYI it's BYOB.

                        Daisy Mint
                        1218 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA

                        1. re: PurpleTeeth
                          Will Owen Nov 9, 2009 09:43 AM

                          J. Gold likes CB because he enjoys some of the food. We like it because we've never had anything we didn't like there. Different people can eat the same thing and have two entirely different taste experiences, obviously. As for the canned mushrooms, the late founder of CB insisted that canned mushrooms are the ONLY correct mushrooms for pizza, and many of us concur...

                          1. re: Will Owen
                            ipsedixit Nov 9, 2009 11:29 AM

                            Count me in the "canned mushroom" group. They hold up so much better under the heat of the oven than fresh ones. If I wanted "mushroom croutons" I would have asked for them by name.

                            1. re: ipsedixit
                              Sharuf Nov 10, 2009 04:59 AM

                              The trick with fresh mushrooms is to semi-saute them in olive oil first. THEN toss them onto the pizza and into the oven.

                              1. re: Sharuf
                                ipsedixit Nov 10, 2009 05:01 AM

                                Yuck. If I wanted sauteed or stir-fried toppings on my pie, I'd go to California Pizza Kitchen.

                                Pizza Kitchen
                                1633 Potrero Grande Dr, Rosemead, CA 91770

                                California Pizza
                                16960 Van Buren Blvd Ste D, Riverside, CA 92504

                  3. m
                    mc michael Nov 6, 2009 07:36 PM

                    Depending on when you hit the door and the night of the week, Smitty's on Lake is not bad, also Tarantino's on Green St. I am partial to the Thai (greasy though it sometimes is) at PresidnenTwo on Colorado (2d floor).

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                    1. re: mc michael
                      suvro Nov 9, 2009 01:18 PM

                      President Two? Our experience has been uniformly bad there - twice they burnt the flat noodles.
                      The original President on Rosemead is a bit far from this location, but much better in our personal experience.

                      We went to the original Top's Burger on Colorado on Saturday evening and it was packed. They are open till midnight on Fridays and Saturdays, but close at 11pm on other nights.

                      President Two
                      950 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91106

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