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Nov 5, 2009 02:13 PM

Looking for green coffee beans in Tampa, FL

Anyone know where I can buy green coffee beans in Tampa? Don't want a ton of them, my roaster is tiny. When ordering on-line, I either buy more than needed or I pay a lot in shipping.

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  1. You can get green coffee beans at Oasis Bakery at the corner of Skipper and Bearss. You should also be able to get them at Cafe Kili on Fowler, given that they roast beans in-house.

    1. Try Caracolillo Coffe in Drew Park, give them a call, you should be able to pick-up what you need.

      1. also try Naviera coffee mill in Ybor. The front cafe is called El Molino. The area's oldest.

        El Molino Restaurant
        14985 NE US Highway 301, Waldo, FL 32694

        1. Check Whole Foods to see if they roast their own beans for their coffee bar. In their bigger stores they do, and you can buy the green beans just like the roasted ones by the pound.