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Nov 5, 2009 02:01 PM

Crema di Balsamico, have you tried this stuff?

Some friends of ours brought us back a 250ml bottle of this stuff "Crema di Balsamico" from Europe and we finally tried it and it was great. From a little online research, its a reduction of balsamic vinegar and Trebbiano grape juice. It is excellent with fruit. I sliced some Bartlett pears on a madolin and spread some of the Crema di Balsamico on each slice and topped it with a slice of Manchego cheese and a pecan and it was a fantastic flavor.

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  1. Is this the white balsmic glaze? I have some and use it as a salad dressing or as a drizzle finish a cold curry beef on lettuce appetizer. I really like the sweetness with the curry.

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    1. Isola has a large variety of cream balsamics. I've started to buy them to experiment with.
      Not to expensive, and very nice quality. I plan on pairing them up with meats and cheeses.

      1. This product is easy to find in my city (NYC) , but I wonder why it is any better than a reduction of balsamic that you can make at home. Years ago the bottled balsamic creams were pure but most of those I have seen lately have all sorts of stuff added--caramel color, preservatives. etc.

        Many varieties on offer these days: