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Nov 5, 2009 01:46 PM

Dinner in Danbury (off I-84) w/ 3-year-old

My daughter and I will be traveling from Maine to the Poconos tomorrow afternoon. We'll likely be in the Danbury area when we're ready for dinner. I'd love recommendations for an easy-on/off spot anywhere in that neck of the woods on 84. Diner-type food or burgers would be perfect - we typically stop at Rein's but the timing of this trip won't permit that.

Also, if you're curious: Will there be a big glass of wine awaiting me in the Poconos? Why, yes, indeed there will.

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  1. On our way to PA, we often stop at the Trader Joe's, just off exit 2B, and in that plaza is a Mexican place that is good for a quick bite. I forget the name, but you order at a counter and then they bring the food to you. Cheap and quick.
    Long drive, glad there's wine waiting for you at the end!

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      I live off exit 2B and "that Mexican place" is Desert Moon and its awful, don't do it! Taco bell makes better Mexican food. I recommend Rosy Tomorrows.

    2. I wish I saw this earlier. I'd highly recommend Sinapi's pizzeria for the best pizza I've ever had. I've had Pepe's of New Haven and I like this more.

      It's a pizza joint, but it does serve Italian-American fare quite well.

      Sinapi's Pizza & Restaurant
      15 Backus Ave, Danbury, CT 06810

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        Sinapis is a bad imitation of a bad NYC pizzeria. That give it the advantage, from a Fairfield County perspective, of having at least something to do with NYC pizza. At least for those who think NYC has good pizza these days.

      2. There's a Chuck's steak house that we've had good luck with off of the Park Avenue exit of 84 Eastbound. It's not diner food but they do serve an awesome burger and have a salad bar that's also very nice.

        I like the crab cakes there. The chef puts them on special once in a while. They're not cheap, but we feel worth the $$ as an app or entree, with the salad bar.

        1. In Danbury there's Rosy Tomorrow's right off 84. Fun atmosphere & good (enough) food (think Chili's but not a chain). There's a typical Greek Diner in Newtown right off the exit (though I think Brewster, NY has the Eveready Diner right off 84). In Southbury there's Denmo's Drive In - pretty good burgers, dogs, and fried seafoood (and ice cream) but depending on the weather you can sit outside or in your car (not sure if you want to do that).

          EDIT - just noticed this is a few days after your trip. Sorry 'bout that.

          Rosy Tomorrows
          15 Old Mill Plain Rd Ste 1, Danbury, CT 06811

          1. Thanks for the responses, everyone. The Poconos portion of the trip got canceled, so we ended up taking a different route thru CT en route to NJ (where, sadly, there was no glass of wine waiting). We had dinner at the Neptune House Diner in Wallingford, CT, which was serviceable at best. It fit my criteria of easy-off the highway (Rt. 15/the Wilbur Cross Pkway), but the food was mediocre - even for diner food! - and the atmosphere was downright depressing. Actually made me wish we'd stopped at the IHOP at the same exit.