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Nov 5, 2009 12:24 PM

Opening soon in Soho, London

Noticed a few places that look like they're about to open or are under construction.

• Amorino, a gelato place on Old Compton Street, across from the Algerian Coffee Store. Don't know if it's related to the Parisian chain, but looks intriguing.

• Mooli, looks like an Indian place that serves chaat-like items in a wrap; on Frith Street. Prices look low on the signs - something like £3.50 or £5 for a wrap. Seems a little fast-foody, but I'd try not to knock a place until I try it.

• Byron's opening another branch, on Dean Street iirc.


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  1. Byron's on the old Intrepid Fox site on Wardour St. Looking forward to that one!

    You can follow Mooli's progress and check out their menu on their blog -

    Also, not quite Soho, but the old Passione site on Charlotte St opens as Mennula - a Sicilian restaurant - mid-November -

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    1. re: DollyDagger

      I found the advertising of Bryons quite cool. I wonder if it will be popular.

      Talking of Soho - has anyone tried Kati roll on Poland street? It sounds pretty much lke Mooli

      1. re: Nii

        yeah, had a kati roll once.. WAs a bit underwhelmed to be honest.. A bit greasy and nothing speical. Not Bad either.

        The joint is fairly new but already looks a bit tatty...

    2. Noticed a new branch of Fernadez and Wells on one of the side streets running east of Wardour on St Anne's Court.

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      1. re: limster

        that's been there a while now. Word is that they've over-expanded, and are thinking of turning this third sight into a pinxos bar, rather than being a coffee snack bar like the beak street operation. Apparently they're looking for an off site kitchen at the moment.

      2. We visited Moolis yesterday & were very pleased with the discovery.

        Between my husband & me we had 4 mini Moolis, 2 x Keralan beef, 1 x Goan pork & 1 x Chicken.

        First of all, the food is all very fresh & the staff are lovely! They are really interested in feedback too which is always a good sign.

        I enjoyed both the beef & pork mooli & i cannot decide which i like more. The thing that stuck ut on the pork was the pommegranite seeds which add a lovely crunch to the wrap. The beef was so tender it melted in my mouth and the coconut salsa added a lovely creamy taste to it.

        The drinks here are also very good. I had a mango lassi and my husband had a lemonade with mint. Im a huge fan of lassis & i judged places we ate in India by their lassi. This one was very good, not to thin & not too thick & really tasty. My husbands lemon and mint drink was also very good, not too sweet with a slight amount of salt added.

        The only thing that saddened me was that they had run out of the cardamon puddings :-(

        I enjoyed my food so much im going back to take my parents this weekend! lets hope they have some puddings left!

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        1. re: Plantie

          I got a free chicken mooli when they were giving them away for free the other week and I agree, it's good stuff. A bit small for 4 quid, but great tasting fillings and bread.

          1. re: Plantie

            Staff are lovely here. I had the pomegranate pork mooli, which as you pointed out was lovley and fresh. I think much better than the nearby Kati roll.

            1. re: Nii

              Yes, i agree. It certainly is better than the Kati Roll Company. Even if just for the service, but the food is better too!

              Im taking my parents on Saturday for lunch :-)

            2. re: Plantie

              Good flavour in the pork and beef fillings. The Goan pork had a nice vinegary tang to it, if a touch dry, the addition of pomegrate seeds gave off a nice crunchy, but adding tangy sweetness to an already sour pork didn't provide much enhancement. The Keralan beef had depth -- lots of what seemed like the flavour of curry leaves and other spices; I did wish for a bit more raita. The wraps themselves were ok, and admittedly the shredded lettuce distracted, but wasn't bad. I'd put them in the realm of good not great.

              The mango lassi was smooth and carried more of the greenish tang from slightly less ripe mangos. Very enjoyable and a refreshing change from the big and bright varieties.

            3. Talking of new openings in Soho, has anyone been to the much-hyped Hix?

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              1. re: greedygirl

                Haven't been, but have heard good things from a friend and somewhat similar in quality to the Chophouse.

                1. re: greedygirl

                  Yep, been there.
                  Was fine, it is hyped of course and why not , its new and its Mark Hix.
                  Food was quite good, it has no fine dining pretensions so it did not disappoint. Service however was poor and disjointed which let it down somewhat.
                  Two diners close by complained about their food, which was a shame for them, especially if they were really looking forward to it..

                  I am a big fan of Mark Hix, I like his menus and his style, but this meal was a bit stressful because of the shoddy service.

                  1. re: fat boy slim

                    I've also been to Hix Soho, albeit for a swift lunch which consisted of a main, so didn't get much chance to sample lots of the menu. However, I did really enjoy myself. Lovely, spacious interior, great looking bar downstairs, some fab sounding cocktails, and the fish I had was cooked to perfection. I would definitely go back. However, it is expensive, especially if you factor in trying a few of those lovely sounding cocktails. Service was okay on my visit - not amazing, but nothing to really ruin the experience.

                2. The new branch of Byron is pretty good. Not the best burger I've had in London, but one of the better options in Soho at the moment. Reasonable too. Looks a lot different since it was a goth pub, though they've kept the graffiti in the toilets downstairs! Service (in opening week) was very friendly and accomodating, though I can do without the forced 'hows it going guys' every time I catch someone's eye.

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                  1. re: DollyDagger

                    Tried one of their cheeseburgers recently and it was ok. I like the quality and taste of the beef, the bun was ok, sufficiently soft, but not much more. The mature cheddar was good but too skimpy, not enough for balance imho. Styles of burgers vary in the US, but I would have liked mine a bit greasier - the drippings that soak into the bun give it more flavour. It's probably either balance of lean vs fatty bits in the patty or (sacrilege!) they press the patty to squeeze out the juices while its cooking.

                    Hand cut chips are hard edged and crunchy, with little room for wispy insides. Expensive at £3-ish for a bowl.

                    The quality of the burger ingredients here in the UK have the potential to surpass those in the US (e.g. the cheeses that I've had here have been far better), if someone got their act together, we could enjoy burgers superior to those across the pond. But for now, Byron while decent, isn't it.

                    1. re: limster

                      Agreed - while tasty, the Byron burger could have been juicier. Still, not a bad option if that's all you're looking for in Soho.

                      limster, have you tried the Hawksmoor burger?

                      1. re: DollyDagger

                        Haven't, it's been on the to-do list for a while, since an acquaintance had recommended their burger.

                        1. re: limster

                          It's ten times the burger that Byron offer, but it is 15 pounds!

                          1. re: Ibrahim.Salha

                            it's great but would recommend ordering without bacon, as the agressive curing ratchets up the seasoning level a notch too far imo

                      2. re: limster

                        "The quality of the burger ingredients here in the UK have the potential to surpass those in the US"

                        as you say, every single component of a good burger can be found better here - from the bread to the quality of tomatoes to the meat - and whats more, can be found easily too. it's just a matter of time: when i got here in 2000, ordering pasta almost guaranteed you got some overcooked mess. things have changed.

                        1. re: limster

                          I agree with your assessment of the Byron burger. I also think it's the British beef used that often makes for the difference in taste compared to a U.S. hamburger. The cows don't eat the same thing. Many places here do tend to overcook the meat, thus less juicey and not enough grease!