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Nov 5, 2009 12:10 PM

Thanksgiving in the Bergen County Area - Just 3 of Us

Any suggestions for a traditional Thanksgiving meal? I saw that Harvest Bistro and The Manor had nice menus for the day, but wondering if anyone has gone someplace that they really liked.

Harvest Bistro
252 Schraalenbergh Rd, Closter, NJ 07624

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  1. Madeleine's Petit Paris......34.50 traditional and/or buffet choice.

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    1. re: fourunder

      I've never been there for the holiday buffets. Has anyone?

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        Sorry, I have never been to MPP Buffet....but I go for lunch or dinner a couple of times of year. It's always very pleasant for me. I DO NOT eat out on holidays ever, mostly due to crowds.......but I will say this, anyone who has won the Cooking Olympics, as Gaspard Caloz has in the past......would only put out a spread he felt was very good. I can recall many years ago when he first opened in Bergenfield, his very first New Year's Eve service was incredible, 11 courses for a mere $65.....It may have been one of the best value meals I have ever had.

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          Thanks, fourunder. Very good point about Gaspard. Like you, I go there during the year, but have never been on a holiday. Glad you mentioned the NYE experience because it tells me that even on a holiday, he probably doesn't compromise his standards. I was worried because it's very inexpensive - $34.50 per person! I can't even cook a Thanksgiving meal for that amount! We'll most likely wind up there this year. PS - I hear ya about the crowds! We ate out on Thanksgiving once, years ago, and I remember swearing that I would never do it again - even if it meant sitting at home with some Boar's Head sliced turkey, but here we are again.........

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            Babs, just some more FYI. I have a very dear friend, who for the past five or six years, takes here octogenarian parents to Charlie Brown Steakhouse in lieu of cooking at home. It's just easier for them and they seem to enjoy it. This year it's all you can eat, three courses for under $20. There's always a need for convenience.

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              I was worried because it's very inexpensive - $34.50 per person!

              I recall asking Gaspard why he priced the evening so inexpensively.....his response was, since it was his first New Years Eve .......he was afraid to price it any higher for fear people would think it was too expensive, and therefore no one would come.

     case you missed it:


      2. The last time I was there was 3 years ago, but we had a very nice dinner at the 76 House in Tappan, just over the border in Rockland County. The atmosphere is very charming, the perfect setting for Thanksgiving, and I've never been disappointed with the food. Ask to sit in the front room next to one of the fireplaces, as it's cozier than the larger room in the back.

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          Oh, funny - we were just there this week for dinner! I checked out the Thanksgiving menu because, you are right, the atmosphere and history are fitting of the holiday. Food is still good, BTW.

        2. Nisi in Englewood.

          Park Steakhouse in Park Ridge.

          Park Steakhouse
          151 Kinderkamack Rd, Park Ridge, NJ 07656

          1. You could drive down th Amanda's in Hoboken. They have a prix fixe menu with great choices, and the food there is very good.