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Nov 5, 2009 11:44 AM

How do you prepare small amounts of mayonnaise?

Hello all,

I love making fresh mayonnaise and similar egg emulsion based salad dressings, but at a minimum they all produce too much for me to use before they start to go bad.

How do you avoid making so much mayo for just yourself to use? I have recipes reduced to one egg yoke but they still produce too much (like +1 cup approx.). How can I reduce the yield? Use half an egg yoke or just use a full yoke but less oil (does that work)?

It maybe a silly question but I avoid making these types of dressings because I waste so much oil in doing so...

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  1. Yes, you can use less than a whole egg yolk, even a tsp. of yolk, with a tsp of vinegar or lemon juice, or to taste, will emulsify a small amount of of oil. Play with it, try the formula that you can force aproximately 3/4 cup of oil into one egg yolk on the top end and most mayo formulas go for 1 yolk to 1/2 cup oil, half a yolk, 1/4 cup oil, etc.
    Actually, without breaking down a formula and getting bogged down by all the math,you can just start emulsifying the oil into a tsp of yolk mixed with the acid; you'll be able to tell when it reaches the mayo state with a good consistency, to your liking. Make a note of how much oil to yolk you used, so you can duplicate it the next time.

    If you use a full yolk and less oil, you'll get mayo but it may have an "eggy" (raw egg) flavor to it that may be objectionable. You know you can only keep fresh mayo for 3-4 days.
    I've read somewhere that even a drop of egg yolk with make "quarts of mayonaise' but I doubt that it would be very stable.;-)
    Here's to the emulsifying power of lecithin!

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      Thanks bushwickgirl, I knew I could count on the collective wisdom of the 'hounds.

      I hate wasting food so that will be a real help - I'll have to find a use for half a yoke now :)

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        just throw it in w beaten eggs for any baking recipe, or with omelet/french toast beaten eggs.

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          what great ideas! both of them are super helpful! Thanks! :)