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Nov 5, 2009 11:42 AM

chinese meat cleavers-where to buy?

Hello...looking for a chinese meat cleaver in manhattan. Can anyone provide some recs?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I had the same problem, searched all the cookware stores high and low, then finally somebody suggested an Asian store with a meat counter. I asked the butcher if he could part with one, and they were so cheap I bought a big one and a little baby. I love them both and use them all the time. BTW, I'm in San Diego, not Manhattan, but I'm pretty sure Manhattan is almost as good for shopping. :)

    1. Bowery Kitchen Supply has a good selection. Pretty much all of those kitchen supply stores on the Bowery carry them.

      Bowery Kitchen Supply
      75 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011

      1. Kam Man on Canal Street

        I have at present count at least 18 different kinds of Chinese Chef Knives I have either purchased or have been given to as gifts. The ones I like the best are made by Dexter of Southbridge, Massachusetts...the brand name you will find in most Chinese Kitchens, either home or professional. They are not the most expensive, infact if I can recall, my first purchased knife was a mere $9.99....The last time I saw this particular knife in Chinatown, it was less than $25 decades later.

        These clevers are easy to handle and I find they are easier to use than most common chef's knives. When I have to cut very thin julienne strands of fresh ginger, the Dexter Cleaver makes better cuts than my Wusthof-Trident or JA Henkels brand knives.

        btw.......Dexter knives are one of the largest producers of knives for all types of commercial kitchens....not just Chinese

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          kam man -- thats where i got mine many years ago. so inexpensive --- its an indispensable kitchen tool!

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            thank you for the tip fourunder, i will be looking into buying one!

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              On a tip from another thread, I came across this online source. The cleaver is cheap, cheap, cheap @ $8.99 and the handle looks very similar to an older Dexter model I have. It does not mention the manufacturer, but for the price, it may be worth a shot for an everyday knife.


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                I just bought one there lst week as well - it was about $10.